Final Call! 2018 US China Blockchain & Digital Currency Conference 美中区块链和电子...

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LAX Marriott Hotel

Los Angeles, CA

United States

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2018 US China Blockchain and Digital Currency Conference Los Angeles August 22

FINAL CALL! Register Now!

Meet Investors and Business Partners from China and the US! As Chinese government has banned ICOs and cryptocurrency tradings in China, more Chinese tech investors, blockchain startups and bitcoin mining companies are seeking alternative solutions overseas, the U.S. is one of the top considerations and destinations.

Conference Participation:

More than 30 expert speakers from both the U.S. and China will cover a variety of hot topics such as blockchain technology, startup investment, capital raising, ICOs, bitcoin mining, virtual currency trading, SEC compliance, legal and taxation, etc.

Hundreds of blockchain entrepreneurs, investors, bitcoin mine operators, traders, and legal taxation experts from China and the U.S. are expected to attend and discuss the latest technology innovation, market trends, and regulatory updates in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. The one day conference provides industry professionals and practitioners a great opportunity of peer-to-peer networking and exploring investment, business and collaborations between the U.S. and China.

Conference Discussions:

  • Application of blockchain technology in different fields: finance and banking, e-commerce, real estate, medical and health services, artificial intelligence, internet of things and travel services, etc.

  • Future trends of digital currency, investments from China, bitcoin mining and operation in the U.S., ICOs, innovative startups, government supervision, tax laws and other related regulations

30+ Expert Speakers and Panelists:

  • Xiahong Lin - Founder of Bodhi

  • Colin Wu, Founder of HKIPX Digital Assests Exchange

  • Jeffrey Levinson, Founder & CEO of Securitech Blockchain Industry

  • Joe Rubin, Co-Founder and Managing Director of

  • Dr. Ann Shin, Founding Partner of Ultrafund Capital (极丰资本)

  • Alexander Esauslov, Founder and CEO of

  • Ralph Liu, Founder & CEO at MuleChain, CEO of Advanced e-Financial Technologies

  • Jor Law, Co-Founder of

  • Andrew Zapotochnyi, North America Representative at CoinTraffic

  • Anna Sheong, WIL Overseas Investment

  • Paul Dong, Founder, Sunet Group

  • Roc Wang, Founder of DeepChain

  • Brian Kanda, Co-founder and CEO of FloraChain

  • Gan Zhang, Partner, RTF

  • Han Liguang, Founder at RedCoin Global Public Digital Currency Exchange

  • Richard Levin, Attorney & Shareholder at Polsinelli

  • Steve Anapoell, US securities attorney

  • JonathanC. Dunsmoor, Of Counsel of Reid & Wise

  • Rob Tiv, President & COO of SonicMessenger

  • David W. Klasing, Founder & Managing Attorney, Law Offices of David W. Klasing

  • Brian Su, CEO, Artisan Business Group, Inc.

  • Tyler McKay, President at Blockchain China Connect

  • Andy Wang, Founder of FutureChain

千万别错过!重量级嘉宾: 【香港知识产权交易所数码交易平台创始人 - Colin Wu【BlockchainChinaConnect 创始人 - Brian Su】【极丰资本创始人 - Ann Shin博士】【Securitech 创始人 - Jeffery Levinson【FundingPost 资本创始人 - Joe Rubin【GVA 资本创始人 - Pavel Cherkashin

Blockchain China Connect (区块链中国联)携手雅商顾问集团和FundingPost.com将于2018年8月22日在洛杉矶市联合举办2018美中区块链和电子货币应用投资交流大会暨“美中区块链科技创新奖”颁奖活动,这将是行业顶级专家与投资人一起探讨区块链核心话题的高峰论坛,也是美国最专业的以讨论美中两国区块链应用项目和投资资本对接的盛宴, 旨在搭建区块链行业互联互通,共享共赢的国际商业与投资平台, 参会者包括区块链底层技术供应商,风险基金,天使投资,对冲基金,数字货币交易所,ICO创业创新项目,法律税务专家,矿机厂商,矿主和区块链行业媒体及推广服务商等。本次大会获得国际区块链财经媒体的大力支持,并将由SnipersTube主持人现场通过YouTube 向全球报道。大会特别欢迎中国区块链领域的资本风投企业和科技创新创业项目前来参加展示,与30 多位硅谷及投资大咖面对面, 采取参会者与大咖直接对话,以及一对一洽谈,为参会代表最大程度的开拓人脉,积累资源,促进了解,创造商机。

本次大会宗旨: 以探讨区块链行业美中两国政策导向,投资环境,技术创新与应用及项目投融资等热点问题为主要内容, 特别重大探讨区块链项目投融资趋势,风险投资方向,数码资产与财富管理,法律税务合规,技术发展与应用等相关论题。会议主要以主题演讲,主题讨论,ICO 介绍,自由提问,餐会等多样形式,为参与各方搭建一个开放专业的交流合作平台。我们热诚欢迎你来参加这次盛会,亲身了解更多关于区块链的的第一手信息和实用知识,抓住当前最佳时机,通过与投资渠道的交流和对接,打造优秀的商业合作机会。


Venue and Fees:
The event will take place within the confines of a nice hotel near Los Angeles International Airport. Your fee includes breakfast, luncheon, and meeting materials. You shall be responsible for your own roundtrip air fare, travel, lodging, parking and internet access expenses. Meeting venue will be informed to participants only upon registration.

Registration and Refund Policy:
Please note: ticket sales are final and non-refundable. No refund requests will be accepted. We apologize for any inconvenience. Show management reserves the right to make changes on individual elements of the conference, including specific speakers and venues.

Please note: that the speakers list is subject to change, and will be updated continuously up to the conference. We do not guarantee attendance of all of the speakers and will not refund in case some of the speakers will not show up.

Conference Affilate Program:
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Sponsorship, Exhibitors, BTC Payment and Offline Registrations, Please Contact Us:
Email: Mr. Tyler McKay 217-899-6661
Event Website:

Date and Time


LAX Marriott Hotel

Los Angeles, CA

United States

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