Experience the Power of Sound! - Live Chakra Balancing and Synchronizing

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Join, Dr. Jackie Obermeyer, as she guides us through the benefits of Sound Therapy and how to tune our Biofield for health and wellness

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Are you ever:

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Join The Ladies Community for our webinar series. For the next three months, every Tuesday night, TLC will bring you some of the best and brightest professionals in their field to teach you all that they know!

Whether you’re driven to excel in your professional biz life, evolve and grow personally, strengthen your relationships, or all of the above, our webinars are for you! Push past the lack of time, money or motivation and make a commitment to your future self to live the life you’ve always imagined!

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Joining us this week: Dr. Jackie Obermeyer

Experience the Power of Sound, Live Chakra Balancing and Synchronizing!

What you will learn:

  • What chakras are and how sound can be used to read them
  • What specific frequencies can do for your energetic health
  • How to do your own chakra scan and use sound for your own self-healing
  • Specific words you can use to alleviate feeling stuck in "negative" thought patterns
  • How easy it can be to shift your state and change your life using sound

What you can expect to take-away from the webinar:

  • A better understanding of your energetic system
  • A free guided meditation for decreasing anxiety
  • A free 15 minute discovery call with Dr. Jackie
  • Feelings of calm, clarity and joy
  • Resources for learning more about sound as a tool for health


"A single note or word has the power to trigger massive physical change in an instant. As a musician with 25 years of training and performance experience, Dr. Jackie Obermeyer has always felt the potential of sound as a tool for healing.

Through her PhD thesis work in engineering and neuroplasticity she came to understand how it could be applied effectively. Her own health crisis brought on by extreme stress and exhaustion during her studies provided the opportunity for her to test the “soundness” of this hypothesis.

After experiencing profound shifts in her health and wellbeing with Vibrational Sound Therapy, she developed a unique strategy for optimizing this process that improves mind-body connection, emotional stability and enjoyment of life.

Using tuning forks and other instruments, she teaches your energetic centres (chakras) how to communicate with each other, self-regulate energy flow and adapt to your current life circumstances.

Jackie is a certified Vibrational Sound Therapist, with additional certifications in Precision Nutrition coaching, and Level 2 Reiki."

FB: https://www.facebook.com/tunedsoundtherapy/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/tunedsoundtherapy/

Website: https://www.tunedsoundtherapy.com/


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