Exoplanets, Extraterrestrials &the Wonders of Creation

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Join the Collegium Institute for its Fall 2019 Magi Project Lecture, featuring Prof. Karin Oberg of Harvard University!

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The Collegium Institute presents the Fall 2019 Magi Project Lecture:

Exoplanets, Extraterrestrials & the Wonders of Creation

We inhabit a new cosmology where every star is a stellar system, with planets of its own. Some of these new-found worlds are similar enough to Earth that they may be hospitable to extraterrestrial life. In this lecture, Karin Oberg, Professor of Astronomy and Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University, will introduce the latest science on exoplanets, on what constraints we have of their composition, including their likelihood of having water and organics, and how we can use this data to speculate about the likelihood of extraterrestrials. She will further meditate on what the existing discoveries are teaching us about creation and the Creator, as well as how the potential future discovery of extraterrestrials could affect our understanding of our relationship with God and of the Incarnation.

Each year Collegium holds two Magi Project lectures, one in the Fall, another in the Spring.  The Collegium Institute’s Magi Project for Science & Theology hosts and delivers courses, talks, seminars and other outreach activities in science and faith, helping people to think about their understanding of the physical Universe and their relationship with God, and how these ideas fit together in a complimentary way.  We seek to build dialogue between science and faith, helping people of faith to grow in their understanding of science, and helping scientists to understand the perspective of people of faith.

This event is co-sponsored by the Penn Catholic Newman Community and the John Templeton Foundation.

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