Discover 5 Simple Ways on How to Earn 5 Figures a Month
Discover 5 Simple Ways on How to Earn 5 Figures a Month

Discover 5 Simple Ways on How to Earn 5 Figures a Month

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Leap Academy Centre

502 Jurong West Ave 1


Singapore, Singapore 520817


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Imagine ... an Extraordinary life in 2016 …

As you Discover these SECRET STRATEGIES Has Helped Thousands

Change Their Lives And Achieved Their Desired Success!

Do you feel frustrated with the ups and downs in your life

and uncertain which directions to go to fulfill your dreams and achieve success?

YOU can take control of your future and destiny!

What's in-store could be just the aid you've been searching for

to get on the right track!

To be the best that you can be!

Using the right tools and support, you can make that happen!

What if I told you that Your next step can help you fix your problems

and offer you a place of hope and motivation,

Would you take it for your Success?

What Would Life Mean to You When You Can Earn an Extra few thousands a Month or More,

by doing what YOU LOVE EVERYDAY! ♥

Special Invitation to

Discover 5 Simple Ways on How to Earn 5 Figures a Month

✔ If you are broke, stuck, retrenched, down in the gutters,

there's ONE SKILL that can help you Bounce back with Great Success!

✔ You will learn this ONE POWERFUL Skill that will show you

✔ How to put food on the table for your family in times of distress,

✔ Give you Ideas to help pay for your bills & debts

✔ Support you to pay for your kids education & Support your parents & family

without ever begging anyone for money ever again!

Of if you are looking to earn :

✔ $2K to $4K Income Part Time or Full Time or even 5 Figure income ::

✔ Are You a Professional who is Tired of your Job

and Looking for Alternative career that can Give You 5 to 6 Figure Income

with MORE Flexible Time Freedom?

✔ Housewife who wants to support your Family's income

w Extra $1K to $4K or more a mth?

✔ GenY Youth who is a looking for exciting career

that pays you well and gives you Free Travel around e world?

✔ In Debts and Really want Urgent Cash to Settle all your debts?

✔ Happy with Your Job and Your Life but looking for something

More Meaningful & Purposeful in Life to Help More People?

✔ Or You are Just an Ordinary Individual with EXTRAOrdinary Dreams for yourself & your loved ones

This Event will turnaround your life ..

I'll share this "KEY" Life & Income Transforming Skill in this workshop -

Admission is FREE

About the Speaker SURIA MOHD

Suria was a former school teacher who quit her cushy stable job to pursue the road less travelled.

$580,000 losses and 10 years later, she bounced back to relaunch her personal brand.

She is now one of Asia's Fastest Wellness Millionaire in her industry,

a Celebrity Nutritionist with her talk shows,

spoken at the United Nations and Featured on Wall Street Journal as the World's Top 20 Game Changers.

Suria is voted Top 1% The Most Influential People Online 2010 by Contest Fast Company Magazine, USA.

She is a Best Selling Author of several books with Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, Dr Wayne Dyer and Jack Canfield and has been featured on the National Mainstream Media on TV, Radio and top Magazines and National News Print and Media.

She built her personal brand using Facebook Marketing (without Adverts!) and now has a strong 300,000 loyal followers with over 70 Million views for her videos.







☆ "Made $3,888 in my 1st Program Launch in just 3 Days after Training!

"Dear Suria,

There is no doubt in my mind now, that YOU are an amazing person with so much to give. Coming into your workshop, I wasn't sure if I was ready to take on the plans and ideas I have in my head.

You've totally changed my perspective. You made me realize that I have too much to give to the community. I will be applying the things I've learnt from you to my upcoming projects. The valuable tips and secrets you shared with me are empowering!

You've showed me how to put my plans into action. The world is going to see more of me soon enough! "

Thanks Suria!
~ Noraziana,
Founder Math SOS & MatheMagix

☆ "Attended Many Workshops & Seminars From Tony Robbins to T Harv Eker

What I Learn from Suria's Workshop is MORE than Any Courses I attended Combined! SIMPLY OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Many people told me I'm crazy when I decided to take up this program. After these programs, I can personally say that there were no regrets whatsoever. It's like some voice is whispering to my ears to just join the program.

There were some hesitation from me initially, knowing that I had invested heavily in myself in the past years.

MasyaAllah, I could not believe myself for what had happened during the 3 days at Suria's Workshop.

Simply out of this world!I had learnt more than any of the courses which I had attended combined. Thank you Allah, thank you Suria. Keep on doing this good job that Allah has bestowed on you. :)))"

~ Ari Yusmir Ishak,
Financial Consultant

☆ "Business Strategies & Mind-Blowing Insights I gained from Suria lead me to Earn up to $4,000 in mere 3 hours!

If you're searching for motivation, there are plenty available out there.

But if you're looking for inspiration PLUS simple, clearly defined step-by-step actions and how-to methods on starting your own successful money-making business,

Suria is definitely the person to go to.

The business strategies and mind-blowing insights I gained from her has lead me to making up to $4000 in a mere 3hours. You can't afford not to learn from her!"

~ Ustaz Mizi Wahid
Co-Owner and Founder Safinah
Author of Prayer for Success

☆ Amazing Results! Launched 1st Successful Event with $16,000+ Sales in less than a week after training!

"YES!! Suria is the GEM that is gifted from God.

A marketing expert that would leave you in AWED, for all the strategies that you could do to SELL you product and services. Why have good products or services but doesn't sell?

I GUARANTEE and ASSURE you that you will leave her class with sleepless nights on the many things that you could do to get your MILLION DOLLAR SALES!!"

~ Hariatee Saniff Director,
Ratu Weddings & Ra2 Academy

☆ Suria’s Laser-Sharp Business ‘Mind- Sight” helped me earn MORE in 3 hours than what I made in one Month!

"Suria has an amazing, laser-sharp business 'Mind-Sight'. Within the moments of our 1st meeting, she zoomed in on what was blocking my business success.

The powerfully simple strategy she recommended I use uncovered my blind spot - & completely revolutionized how I saw & ran my business.

I was ecstatic that the 1st time I used her strategy, my sales in 3 hours jumped to 4X what I used to get in a whole month!

I highly recommend you to attend this Trainings conducted by Suria to learn simple, practical & low-cost WOW strategies that has worked so well for me. "

~ Harasha Bafana
Founder of Adam Hawa Network !
Trainer & Entrepreneur,
Former Centre Director for SMCECentre-SMCCI

☆ Just One Idea from the Workshop Helped me SOLD OUT in my Baking Classes & Helped me Gained Additional INCOME Immediately!

Since we attended your 7-figure income talk at Fig&Olive, my sis and I decided to share our knowledge.

We just conducted our macaroons & cookie classes l & Alhamdulillah, ever since we announced our classes 1 month ago, the response was overwhelming.

Both classes ( next one on the 17th Aug ) ; are FULL. It's another ope
n door for us to gain additional income besides just selling our product.

We even look forward to future classes to conduct, since many are still asking about our classes. Thank You!!

~ Zalehah
Founder of Sweetmerveilles

☆ "When I first met this amazing one-of-a-kind business woman, I was in a rut of inaction. I had so many ideas swimming in my head that I didn't know which one to pursue.

She asked me some questions and literally plotted for my success map... but any excellent coach could have done that. Suria's different.

She went the extra mile. She cared. She believed in me. She made me believe in myself.

Now, that's invaluable.

She shared with me the most important Principle...I've ever come across in business until today..

That alone is responsible for almost every success that I've achieved. It has helped me skyrocket my profits by 300% over the last 6 months!

If you're an Entrepreneur who is committed to skyrocketing your profits, then you MUST come for Suria's Trainings to learn her arsenal of WOW strategies!"

~ Saiful Rizal

Founder Math Prodigies

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Date and Time


Leap Academy Centre

502 Jurong West Ave 1


Singapore, Singapore 520817


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