Digital Exhaust - The Exploitation & Weaponization of Your Personal Data By

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Digital Exhaust - The Exploitation & Weaponization of Your Personal Data By

Digital Exhaust - The Exploitation & Weaponization of Your Personal Data By Criminal Actors - An Online Event

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This course identifies possible adversaries and the techniques that they use against us to learn more about us in an effort to use our own data as a weapon. Through this course, we will discuss possible adversaries, motives, and basic techniques used. The journey then moves to a discussion about leveraging false, partially false, and truthful data on social media and the internet at-large. Here, the participants will learn about data minimization in addition to the use of disinformation and deception in an effort to reduce their attack surface. The participants will then be taken on a survey of social media and accounts across the internet with a specific emphasis on how an adversary may identify them on more than social media, possibly leading to more accounts being compromised. The session will conclude with the participants learning how to be more secure online from the lens of an Open Source Intelligence investigator and considerations when choosing secure technologies.


1). High level OSINT discussion to understand adversaries and their normal techniques

2). Disinformation and Deception on a personal level

3). OPSEC Techniques – Social Media and Internet Accounts

4). OPSEC Techniques – Leveraging secure technologies

SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT: A native of Eastern Tennessee, SME is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) and an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and investigations expert who specializes in SME is a former Navy Submarine Navigation Electronics Technician and transitioned into the private sector offering collaborative attitude and expertise to support a variety of organizations, both public and private in implementing better cybersecurity.

TARGET AUDIENCE: InfraGard Members, Public Safety (Law/Health/Fire), Terrorism Liaison Officers (TLO’s), Infrastructure Liaison Officers (ILO’s), Private Sector Security, Area Stakeholders, all Critical Infrastructure Sectors, Intelligence Analysts, Intelligence Officers and Private Investigators.