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Developing Mediumship - Level 1 with Anthony Mrocka and Karissa Eve

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::::::: Developing Mediumship: Level 1 :::::::

Join 2 renowned Psychic Mediums, Anthony Mrocka and Karissa Eve, on this 9 week online journey to discover and connect to your own Mediumship potential!

Have you ever wondered about your own ability to connect with the Spirit world? Perhaps you've had experiences that have left you with the knowingness that the Spirit world is all around us and just waiting for you to tap in. Whether you've been working with your own intuition for sometime and feel that it's time to take the next step or you are a developing medium that feels like you are missing some necessary building blocks in spirit communication, this course will give you a solid foundation in theory and practice.

Over 9 weeks, you will experience a live teaching session every week (each session will be recorded and emailed to students immediately so that those who cannot attend live can watch on their own time). These sessions will be held on Monday evenings at 7:30pm EST via Zoom. Each instructional session will last about an hour (but may go over due to being live) and will allow time for Q and A at the end. Each week will focus on a new topic and aspect of developing oneself for Mediumship communication. There will also be 2 additional live sessions for practice circles with coaching from Anthony and Karissa. There will be assignments given throughout and other opportunities to connect with peers to gain confidence in new skills and expand your understanding of each topic. Students will connect with each other as well as Anthony and Karissa over a private Facebook Support group where assignments will be posted and peer interaction encouraged.

Course outline

This course runs from 9/18/17 through 11/16/17

Week 1: 9/18/17 Welcome Session with Anthony and Karissa! Introduction to course and general expectations will be covered. 'Jump start practices' will be covered to help you start connecting in right away. We will go over daily practices to help you start building your connection to the Spirit world as well as our tips as professional Psychic Mediums to keeping your energy high while doing this work!

Week 2: 9/25/17 Mediumship Basics and Intuition

Week 3: 10/2/17 Soul readings, Soul blending, Psychic power

Week 4: 10/9/17 Intro to Trance

Week 5: 10/16/17 Name, Rank, Serial Number (additional practice circle Thursday 10/19/17 at 7:30pm)

Week 6: 10/23/17 Personality and the development of the essence of the Spirit

Week 7: 10/30/17 Evidence

Week 8: 11/6/17 Developing the Message (additional practice circle Thursday 11/9/17 at 7:30pm)

Week 9: 11/13/17 Bringing it all together, the thorough reading

Bonus Session: 11/16/17 The path moving forward

Additional content will be posted throughout the 9 week program in our private Facebook group.

You will finish this course with a complete foundation in Spirit communication ready to move forward in your mediumship journey!

*Early Bird Special Pricing* is $400 if Registered with deposit of $100 paid or tuition paid in full by 9/10/17. If deposit option is chosen, the remaing $300 tuition MUST BE PAID by 9/17/17. No refunds will be given due to the limited students allowed for this class. After 9/10/17, the class price will be $450 and must be paid in full by 9/17/17.

For questions, please email

Anthony Mrocka

After years of struggling with addiction, Anthony began to question his very purpose in life. It was during one of his lowest points he began to pray to God and surrender his life to Him. It was at this moment his Spiritual Awakening began. Things started to happen that did not make sense. He started to hear, see and feel things that were “not of this world.” Teachers showed up out of no where, making it seem as if he was on a divinely guided path which contained some sort of predestined plan. Anthony was told he was a psychic medium, and so began his development with Spirit.

Today Anthony is an intuitive counselor and psychic medium. He has taken classes with various teachers and was hand picked, trained, and is now a certified medium by world renowned psychic medium Lisa Williams. In 2014, Anthony opened for Lisa Williams at the Mayo Performing Arts Center in Morristown, NJ during her east coast tour. He then went on to deepen his connection to spirit by being mentored in England for one year with the world renowned Psychic Medium Tony Stockwell. At the end of his mentoring year, Tony awarded Anthony the ‘Excellence in Evidential Mediumship and Psychic Awareness’ Award, the only one in the class to receive this award.

Karissa Eve Medium

Karissa Eve's experiences with spirit started as a young girl but took many years of difficulty before she truly began to understand herself as a medium. Looking through the lens of childhood trauma, Karissa Eve was often afraid of her encounters with Spirit. After years of struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma and mental health professionals dismissing her experiences, Karissa finally began to accept her abilities as a gift rather than an affliction. She was embraced by other Mediums and begun the path to healing as she began to understand herself as the Psychic Medium she was born to be.

Karissa Eve is now a professional Psychic Medium with an emphasis on demonstrating and educating others about Mediumship. She is a passionate mentor for helping others learn to understand themselves and their own gifts, seeking the fruit that trauma often leaves behind for us to benefit from. She works closely with other mental health professionals to educate them about where mental health ends and abilities begin, helping to change the way the psychological world views otherworldly abilities. Karissa has studied with many renowned Mediums and has mentored directly with international Psychic Medium Tony Stockwell for two years. Karissa has also mentored under pillar of Mediumship and Spiritualism, Psychic Medium Mavis Pitilla.

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