DESIGN THINKING | Introduction | Webinar #1

DESIGN THINKING | Introduction | Webinar #1

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Experience the power of Design Thinking and contribution to the organization’s future success.

About this event

Some of the world’s leading brands, such as Apple, Google, Samsung, and GE, have rapidly adopted the Design Thinking approach. Design Thinking is being taught at leading universities around the world, including, Stanford, Harvard, and MIT.

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In this webinar we will : Take a deep dive into the Foundation level of the Design Thinking approach.

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 4:00 - Q&A
  • 4:25 - Takeaway
  • 7:55 - DT Coach Intro
  • 12:43 - Core Fundaments of Design Thinking
  • 21:45 - What is Design Thinking
  • 24:35 - Brands using Design Thinking
  • 25:06 - Use case Bevergage Company PepsiCo
  • 27:31 - Design Thinking Statistics
  • 29:57 - RK's 7 Fold Design Thinking Approach
  • 31:26 - Where and when to apply Design Thinking
  • 33:14 - Complete Course and Topic covered in 16 hours of workshop , 6 Weeks or 2 day Program
  • 33:50 - How to conect with us?
  • Provide you with a link to get access to Udemy certification course of Design Thinking Foundation course.
  • Give an overview of 2 days Advance Design Thinking workshop conducted by a certified Design Thinking Practitioner.

About the Trainer:

RK has completed the “Enterprise Design Thinking Coach" level course from IBM. He is an Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner and Co-Creator certified from IBM. He has conducted Design Thinking workshops in various organizations. He was part of setting up Design Thinking CoE from inception, in a previous Organizations. His workshops are result driven which provides the team with a solution to complex problems and/or ideas/outcomes that can be implemented to improve the service or product. He has 16 years of experience in the Information Technology field.

In Advance Design Thinking workshop (not this webinar) :

Engage in a real-time workshop with participants using a virtual collaboration tool designed for creative people, used by fortune 500 companies like IBM, Intuit, and CAPCO.

In this virtual collaboration, the team will experience the summary of the Advance design thinking course offered by a Certified practitioner.

Why Attend Design Thinking Workshops (not this webinar) :

  • Understand what is Design Thinking?
  • When and Where to apply design thinking?
  • Enhance your co-creating skills when working remotely
  • Access to Design thinking Took Kit
  • Full 30 days access to Visual Collaboration Tool for creative people, used by fortune 500 companies like IBM, Intuit, and CAPCO.
  • How design thinking is helping create products and services that are desirable, feasible, and viable?
  • Why it is becoming important to embrace a Design Thinking culture?
  • Get 2 certificates Design Thinking Basic and Foundation level

Topics Covered in 16 hours of Advance Design Thinking Workshop (Not this Webinar) | 6 weeks | 16 + hours | 2 hours each (Saturday and Sunday)

Design Thinking Basic course

  • Get DT101 Certificate completion
  • What is a persona?
  • Persona samples
  • What is empathy?
  • Empathy map samples
  • Persona Creation Activity
  • PERSONA Finalization
  • Persona Playback By Team & Coach Feedback
  • Empathy Mapping Activity
  • Empathy Map Playback By Team & Coach Feedback
  • What is AISM? (As-is scenario mapping)
  • As-Is journey map sample(s)
  • What is ideation?
  • Ideation samples
  • What is w3?
  • W3 samples
  • What is a prototype?
  • Prototype samples.
  • What is to-be scenario?
  • To-be scenario samples
  • AISM Creation Activity
  • AISM Playback By Team & Coach Feedback
  • Ideation Activity
  • Ideation Playback By Team & Coach Feedback
  • W3 Creation Activity
  • W3 Playback By Team & Coach Feedback
  • Prototype Creation Activity
  • Prototype Playback By Team & Coach Feedback
  • To-be Scenario Creation Activity
  • To-be Scenario Playback By Team & Coach Feedback
DESIGN THINKING | Introduction | Webinar #1 image
DESIGN THINKING | Introduction | Webinar #1 image
DESIGN THINKING | Introduction | Webinar #1 image