Deep Dive Ruby Workshop by NairubyMSA

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Swahili Box,Dalal house, next to ctn offices,

mbarak hinawy road. old town

Mombasa, Kenya


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Nairuby welcomes you to join us for our One-day Ruby Bootcamp! You’ve got a head full of ideas when it comes to creating a web app, but where do you start? In this Ruby workshop, you’ll learn HTML, Rails, and GIT basics that will get you moving the right direction in your app development process. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of programming in Ruby - enough to play around with arrays, hashes, control structures, and methods. You will also be able to build and deploy a simple Rails app (“Twitter clone”) to Heroku.

The workshop has a few objectives among them;

  • Build a simple Ruby-oriented program
  • Differentiate arrays and hashes
  • Build a simple Rails app from scratch

Attendants will be required to bring laptops preferably Mac’s or Linux (but other Pc’s are allowed), download a text editor such as Atom, and also download and install Ruby on Rails by following this guide here.

Sounds fun? Book now! For more details on the event and application, click here.



Introduction to Ruby

  • Strings

  • Arrays and hashes

  • Control flows

  • Variables

  • Methods

  • Classes

  • Build a simple object-oriented Ruby program


Introduction to Ruby on Rails

  • This is just a rough guideline, not a mandate. Some steps you'll go over and some you'll go under. It'll all work out by the end of the day.
  • Build a simple project (app from scratch and deploy it on Heroku)


We're going to be working with:

  • Ruby 2.3.0 or 2.2 installed via RVM (Mac or Linux) or RailsInstaller (Windows)

  • Rails 4.2.x

  • Bundler

  • SQLite

  • The text editor of your choice

Everything should be set up the night before during the workshop. Please ensure you have everything working before you show up for Workshop on Saturday.

You can verify that you have everything working by trying this out in your terminal:

$ irb
>> 1 + 2
=> 3
>> require "active_support"
=> true
>> exit

If you can do that, you are good to go!

Prereqs & Preparation

Attendants should be knowledgeable and comfortable in the general ways the World Wide Web works.

No pre-reqs but some pre-course work in the command line and git would be good if you are not familiar. Ideally, understand how to navigate to a folder using the command line.

Review these resources before class:


Laptop preferably a Mac or Linux but PCs welcomed.

Text editor, such as Sublime Text: Atom

Download/Install Ruby and Rails:

Working Effectively and Efficiently

We highly recommend you do the following:

  • Bring up your terminal and open 2 tabs:

○ One is for regular terminal stuff

○ One will be for IRB (a.k.a. Rails console). We'll explain later.

  • Open your browser fresh or hide any windows you already have open.

○ Bring up one window with two tabs

○ One is for this content

○ One for interacting with your app.

  • Open your text editor and do not ever close it. We're not quitters.

  • Hide all extra applications. Turn off Twitter, IM, and all other distractions.

By minimizing the number of things you interact with, you reduce the amount of time spent switching between them and the context lost as you work through the lessons. Having 50 tabs open in your web browser gets confusing and wastes time.

Date and Time


Swahili Box,Dalal house, next to ctn offices,

mbarak hinawy road. old town

Mombasa, Kenya


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