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Data & Tableau - Two-Day Workshop

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Seattle, WA 98101

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Refund Policy

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Preparing data for Tableau takes 80% of the time in any information communication effort. This two-day workshop will save hundreds of hours spent on manual data preparation and looking online for answers.

Tableau is a powerful tool. Becoming proficient at building insightful dashboards might only take a couple of weeks. While there are good resources demonstrating how to use Tableau to build dashboards, there are not good resources about how to prepare data for analysis in Tableau. When we first started using the product, it took many months of effort and meetings with specialized consultants to learn the rules associated with preparing data for Tableau. We don’t want others to go through those same difficulties. We’ve taken years of learning and condensed it into a two-day workshop to save you the time and frustration.

Video Overview of the Class

Video Excerpt from Chapter 4

Manual Except from Chapter 4

Topics we will explore include:

  • Understand the Product

  • Tableau File Types
  • Shortcuts to Know
  • Order of Operations
  • Data Preparation Background

  • Facts and Dimension Tables
  • Data Language: Normalized and Denormalized
  • Date Language: Structured vs. Unstructured
  • Editing the Metadata
  • Multiple Table Scenarios

  • Joins
  • Cross-Database Joins
  • Blending
  • Unions
  • Common Issues

  • Messy Crosstab Data
  • Duplicating Data with Joins
  • Blending Black Box
  • Unexpected Null Data
  • How do Nulls Affect Averages?
  • Why Won’t My Data Source Refresh?
  • Making Data Efficient

  • Practical Thoughts: Reducing Columns and Rows
  • Pre-Aggregate Data with SQL
  • Pre-Aggregate Data with Excel
  • Transfer Calculations to Data Source
  • Extracts, Your Best Friend
  • Tableau Server Extract Refreshes
  • Filtering for Speed
  • Custom SQL Parameters
  • Data Management

  • How to Manage .tds files
  • Do Not Select "Published separately"
  • Deleting Unused Data Sources
  • Setting Up Data on Server
  • Tableau Server Permissions
  • Row-Level Security
  • When Do You Need More Than Tableau?

  • Unioning Tables from Different Data Sources
  • Complex Combinations of Filters, Pivots, Joins and Unions
  • Fuzzy Matching
  • Forecasting
  • Alternatives

            Day One (Mon, Jan. 29th)

            9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

            Day Two (Tues, Jan. 30th)

            9:00 AM - 4:30 PM


            • A Laptop

            • Tableau Desktop Professional 10.0 or Later


            Basic understanding of Tableau. You should be able to do the following:

            • Connect to a data source.

            • Understand the difference between measures and dimensions.

            • Build a basic dashboard.

            What will you get?

            In addition to two days of in-person instruction, attendees will walk away with a 150+ page manual and data files to revisit the concepts on their own later. Breakfast and lunch will be provided both days.

            Where will this be hosted?

            This training will be hosted in-person in a classroom in Seattle. Details will be sent after registration.

            What people are saying about OneNumber and trainer Eric Parker:

            "After spending a couple days working with OneNumber, we are months, no, lightyears ahead of where we would be otherwise." - A OneNumber client to their CEO.

            "Eric is one of the best instructors that I have ever had. Everything was paced very well and the content was extremely valuable. Personable, helpful and patient. Willing to explore with us students and excited about using Tableau, like we are!" -A Former Student



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            Date and Time


            Details to Follow

            Seattle, WA 98101

            Refund Policy

            Refunds up to 1 day before event

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