Data Management and Analysis using STATA
Data Management and Analysis using STATA

Data Management and Analysis using STATA

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This is a hands on practical learning course in which NGO staff members, health researchers and humanitarian organizations will be introduced to the fundamentals of data capture, management, analysis and generating of reports from humanitarian surveys using STATA.

The course will blend data management and analysis with statistical inferences related to study designs on data collected from humanitarian surveys. Participants are encouraged to come to the course with data sets from previous surveys for purposes of using them practically to demonstrate data cleaning routines, data management, analysis, graphics and generation of reports from such data sets.

This course will integrate active and participatory learning approaches and assignments, with an emphasis on reflective and collaborative learning. Participants will further be required to actively participate in small group discussions. The maximum number of course participants is 12


On completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Perform basic and advanced data management routines on survey data sets
  • Perform explanatory data analysis tasks with easy
  • Create univariate and bivariate graphs / charts
  • Carry out classical tests of hypothesis and draw clear inferences and conclusion to them
  • Perform non-parametric tests and draw conclusions
  • Come up with linear and logistic regression models, tests their validity, make conclusions and use such models to make prediction about the general population.
  • Relate the inferences made and know their implications specifically to humanitarian crisis


This is a 5 days’ workshops (09th January, 2017 to 13th January, 2017 8:30am to 4:30pm)


The Stanley Hotel, Nairobi (CBD)


This course content has been broken into sections each of which covers a reasonable content to enable participants connect and progress successively in the next section.

DAY 1: Monday 09th January, 2017

Managing and manipulating humanitarian survey data

  • Stata windows
  • Using Stata as a calculator
  • Data capture
  • Viewing Stata data sets (browse and list commands)
  • Create new variables (generate command)
  • Create new variables (egen command)
  • Duplicate existing variables (clonvar command)
  • Replace contents of an existing variable
  • Label utilities

DAY 2: Tuesday 10th January, 2017

Transforming and restructuring data sets

  • Assign numeric codes to string labels (encode and recode)
  • Transform a continuous / discrete variable into categories
  • Drop value labels (decode command)
  • Create indicator variables
  • Fill in missing values
  • Duplicate observations
  • Important commands in data cleaning
  • Restructure data sets
  • Creating subsets from an existing data set

DAY 3: Wednesday 11th January, 2017

Explanatory Data Analysis (EDA) for survey data sets

  • Univariate numerical summaries
  • Cross tabulation
  • Introduction to graphics and plots
  • Univariate graphics and charts
  • Bivariate graphics and charts
  • Plotting mathematical / statistical functions

DAY 4: Thursday 12th January, 2017

Point Estimation and hypothesis Testing in humanitarian surveys

  • t-tests
  • Analysis of variance
  • Non-parametric tests of hypothesis
  • Chi Square tests of association

DAY 5: Friday 13th January, 2017

Correlation and Regression

  • Correlation analysis
  • Linear Regression
  • Binary Logistic regression

If you want the training done at your organization premises, please contact us for further inquiries.


  • A working laptop
  • Stata software installed (licensed or trial version)


The fee for this 5 days’ course is $475 plus 16% VAT. Organizations registering more than 3 participants will get a 16% discount.

The cost includes: writing material, tea and snacks, drinking water and lunch but does NOT include accommodation and travel expenses.

Contacting us at:

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Date and Time


Landmark Plaza, Upperhill




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