#CXIParty at #VMworld 29AUG16! Sponsored by @Xiologix @DataGravityInc @BigS...

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OMG TICKETS HAVE CLOSED! But keep your ears and eyes out for other tickets, if people 'release' their tickets I'll be sure to make them available again!

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The location will be “Metropolitan”, “Sophisticated” and “Urbane”

Sales Have Ended

Registrations are closed
OMG TICKETS HAVE CLOSED! But keep your ears and eyes out for other tickets, if people 'release' their tickets I'll be sure to make them available again!
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Hello, hello, hello! This has come to be a difficult task and decision but, Welcome to #VMworld2016 and Welcome to this years Hunger Ga.... Err, I mean #CXIParty!!!

For those who don't know, CXI (in the context of Conferences) and especially in the context of parties, means...

Communities eXchanging Ideas! (Awesome right?! I bet you thought it was just the short form of my name)

Other than the fact that it IS a short form of my name, in particular it's also an event where people get to come together, meet, greet, talk, somethingsomething tacos, You name it!


Xiologix, because I work for them and they rock and support me doing this!

Xiologix is a leading provider of innovative information technology (IT) solutions serving corporate and public-sector customers. We provide technology solutions – including hardware, software, and services – to help customers resolve their most complicated IT needs. Our expertise includes enterprise architecture and high availability, infrastructure optimization, storage and resource management, identity management and business continuity. Xiologix is strategically partnered with Anitian, a leading information security intelligence firm, who delivers security assessment and compliance services for Xiologix’s clients. Xiologix is headquartered in the Portland, OR area with sales and engineering offices throughout the western region.

DataGravity because they're going to be helping provide you with drink! <3

Organizations of all sizes face similar data challenges spanning IT operational efficiency and visibility, all the way to data compliance and security concerns. IT professionals like you are seeking to answer these data challenges through innovative approaches and becoming data aware. Data-aware organizations have insight into the 5 W’s of their data including Who, What, When, Where and Why. By having this intelligence on your data, you can be educated on the increasingly complex requirements of data management in today’s digital world.

BigSwitch Networks!

Big Switch Networks is at the forefront of the next generation of networking technologies. By combining commodity switch hardware (“white box / brite box”) with sophisticated SDN control software, the company is delivering modern networking fabrics for the world’s most advanced global datacenters looking to achieve high degrees of network automation at cloud-competitive price points.

Big Switch Networks products package technology components into fabric solutions, bringing Software Defined Networks advanced feature sets to you at uber competitive price points with new business models. We are working furiously to apply these core technologies to many key networking markets - starting with data center and monitoring networks.


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"Born out of the Virtualization Community, StitchTek Services does awesome work and has worked with all of the major vendors you've heard of and even some of the smaller Partner / VAR's such as ourselves at Xiologix. They're awesome you should check them out :)" -Me

If you're interested in sponsoring be sure to hit me up.

There are some simple Ground Rules when it comes to attending my parties though, so here they go!

Ground Rules:

  • You are required to make at least 5 new friends. If you came with people, that's great introduce them to someone else and go meet someone else. This is about you, this is about community!
  • Be sure to find a way to thank the sponsors. They make this event possible. (While it's about community, it's much easier to do this kind of thing without asking for donations to make it possible! Love your sponsors!)
  • You know why there's no band? So people can talk and hear each other talk without talking over audio. (So don't turn the TV or Radio on and blare it, if you need something to occupy your senses, go talk to someone!)
  • Bring Business Cards. You're going to meet awesome people, so you should exchange information and talk!
  • Don't print out your ticket. Everything is Digital.
  • Enjoy yourself! This is as much for you as it is for everyone else there.

All seems pretty straight forward, right? Because it is. I'm intentionally throwing a much smaller party this year because some of you may not realize but the last party? Had over 1500 people in attendance. You probably didn't know that because it scaled across -8- floors. Yea. That's a lot of logistics. Now you don't have to worry about chasing down your new best friend in the world! :)

Let's get down to the raw details:

  • This will happen Monday 29 August 2016! Probably starting around 7PM

  • The venue and location will be announced the day of the event. Why? It's a lot harder to index in search engines that way... If you're wondering where though? This description should help, "The location will be “Metropolitan”, “Sophisticated” and “Urbane”

  • Follow me on Twitter @CXI and can provide details there. Also don't hesitate to txt me for information 971-998-3552 or email christopher.kusek@pkguild.com or ckusek@xiologix.com

  • There's no plan to be food there. There is plan to have a healthy set of drinks there. Veterans of past #CXIParties can attest to what that entails.

  • Who tends to attend? Community Leaders, #vExperts, Authors, Bloggers, Executives, Tacos!

Some of you may wonder how you can help?

  • Want to sponsor? That's one way to help.
  • Want to be a community bartender? Everyone there will be in the Industry in some form.
  • Want to do some giveaways, hit me up, I can probably arrange that...

If you have questions about what it takes, what this entails, how you can attend or whatever, just let me know.

Lastly if you find yourself all trapped and alone whiel there and not sure how or who to talk to. I'll change that. (It'll happen anyway... just look all sad and alone in a corner and I'll find you or find me;))

*I do ask that sponsors try to be more engaging and not just flood you with calls if you're not interested, but I can't control everyones marketing/sales, the best I can do is try to let you opt-in so they have a sense you're interested vs ALL THE DAMN SPAM CALLS I GET EVERY DAY, so I hear you :) <3*

Date and Time


The location will be “Metropolitan”, “Sophisticated” and “Urbane”

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