Course on: TMA ImmunoHistoChemistry and emerging technologies

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Course on: TMA ImmunoHistoChemistry and emerging technologies

Course on: TMA ImmunoHistoChemistry and emerging technologies


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September 25 · 9pm - September 26 · 5pm CEST


Openzone 10 Via Lillo del Duca 20091 Bresso Italy

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  • 20 hours
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TMA ImmunoHistoChemistry and related technologies? Venue: OpenZone, Via Lillo del Duca 10, 20090 Bresso, Milan - Italy

Course objectives:

The course aims to expose to the medical community how to use Artificial Intelligence on designing and manufacturing tissue microarrays (TMA) using formalin fixed paraffin embedded and from frozen tissues. The course will strengthen delegates knowledge and limitations of TMAs and its applications in the analysis of tumor’s heterogeneity; the use of appropriate antibody, their evaluation and validation on TMA slides. The course will divulge on how to select the best antibody, develop optimal manual IHC protocols, and recognize poor parameters that could influence the outcome of IHC staining with manual and automated evaluation of brightfield IHCs. The course will also share protocols for the application of multiplex immunohistochemistry, how to bleach and stain multiplex IHC to investigate, inexpensively, over 20 antibodies and the use of artificial intelligence to examine Multiplexed IHC slides


Day 1 - ImmunoHistoChemistry Course for Tissue & Cell MicroArray 1. Designing and Manufacturing of Tissue Microarrays TMA (Pasquale De Blasio) 2. Strengths and limitations of TMAs, including the analysis of heterogeneous tumors (Guido Sauter) 3. Selection and use of appropriate TMAs for antibody evaluation and validation (Guido Sauter) 4. Development of optimal manual IHC protocols (Guido Sauter) 5. Manual and automated evaluation of brightfield IHC staining protocols (Ronald Simon) 6. TMAs in liver cancer Research (Luigi Terracciano) 7. Multiplex immunohistochemistry for inexpensive of 20+ antibodies analysis (Niclas Blessin)

Day 2 TMA applications 1. Artificial Intelligence in Digital Patholog. 2. TMA & Multiplexing 3. Analysis of Cell Arrays (Stem Cell screening, Organoids analysis, etc.)-(Ida Biunno) 4. “High-throughput molecular profiling of tissue cores” (FISH, PCR from tissue cores & NGS) 5. Vendors presentations on new technologies for TMA & Multiplexing technologies

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