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Connection Games Intro Nights in Berkeley

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Connection Dojo

2336 Channing Way Unit A

Berkeley, CA 94704

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Refund Policy

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• Self-leadership and leadership training
• A fun way to connect with like-minded others
• A chance to explore your interpersonal edges and grow
• Interpersonal meditation: a collective spiritual practice

Our only agreements, and the values we strive for:
1. Practice Self Leadership

2. Return To Connection

3. Consider Group Health

4. Open to Not Knowing


You must be 21 or over to attend all Connection Games events.

Doors open and hearty nutritious snacks will be available at 6:30pm. Please arrive early and meet one another in a more casual setting!

Doors close and games begin promptly at 7pm. Doors re-open only at the end of each round (about 45 minutes).

If less than 4 tickets are purchased by 48 hours prior to the event, we may cancel the event. If you purchase tickets prior to that deadline and we cancel the event, we will contact you with the option to either transfer your ticket to another event or receive a refund.

There are no refunds in any other circumstance.

Contact cgames.forever@gmail.com for information on wheelchair accessible events.


For about half of our existence, we only played Connection Games with our immediate friends. Then we moved on to structured, closed weekly groups — where the magic truly happens.

The intention for these intro nights is to inspire you to join a weekly group where participants experience more self-awareness and deeper levels of connection over time.


http://facebook.com/connectionjunkies/events (public events)
connectiongames.org (game details and more)
Contact cgames.forever@gmail.com with any questions


My Council group drops into a reverent silence. I listen to what my heart wants to speak. Do I want the talking stick? What DO I have to say that would honor this exquisite listening?

Later on, it's Wild Card. Our group has blindiy said "Hell Yes" to playing full out. We click the button to get a random activity, and some people gasp! What happens from then on, including the activity, stays in the room. But we support and challenge each other. When we walk out, we feel engaged and connected.
Connection Games are not always playful. We seek deep connection, which sometimes gets initiated in conflict and sharing withholds and heartaches. It's often messy, but safely held and always worth it.


We expect 8-12 participants, who then generally break up into smaller practice groups.

This event is dynamically steered. Unlike other similar events like circling, T-Group, authentic relating, the facilitator doesn't know the program ahead of time.

This means that YOU have a choice to impact the agenda!

For intro nights, we tend to start with the basics (Council, T-Group) and go from there. Sometimes people are chomping at the bit to take more risks, and we do. Other times the mood is sweet and connected, and we do more basic, safe, connecting practices. Sometimes a random idea arises out of attunement with the group (sometimes suggested by a participant) and we do that.

In weekly containers, we eventually get to the point where we all know all the games. So the facilitator often just asks "Who will stand for what?" Participants say something like "I want a T-Group with no more than 5 people" or "I want a circle with John, Jane and whoever else wants to join us." Then everyone else "votes with their feet" to split into groups.


Take turns, three guidelines
Speak and listen from the heart.
Honor the silence.

Space is simply held
Through surrendered leadership
Learn to honor self

Practice presence. Share
Your feelings in this moment.
Give, receive impact.

Blues dance or cuddle,
Whatever your body wants,
Nourish your full self.

I-Thou relating
Weaving shared reality
To embody Love

Random secret game
Revealed to those edgy souls
Who choose it blindly

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Connection Dojo

2336 Channing Way Unit A

Berkeley, CA 94704

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