New York, NY

Columbia Workshop on Brain Circuits, Memory and Computation 2016 (BCMC 2016...

Event Information

Columbia Workshop on Brain Circuits, Memory and Computation 2016 (BCMC 2016)

501, Northwest Corner Building, New York, NY

Event Description


The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers interested in developing executable models of neural computation/processing of the brain of model organisms. Of interest are models of computation that consist of elementary units of processing using brain circuits and memory elements. Elementary units of computation/processing include population encoding/decoding circuits with biophysically-grounded neuron models, non-linear dendritic processors for motion detection/direction selectivity, spike processing and pattern recognition neural circuits, movement control and decision-making circuits, etc. Memory units include models of spatio-temporal memory circuits, circuit models for memory access and storage, etc. A major aim of the workshop is to explore the integration of various computational sensory and control models.

Organizer and Program Chair

Aurel A. Lazar, Department of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University.



Detailed schedule, will be posted here

501, Northwest Corner Building - 550 W120 St, New York, NY 10027 - View Map