ChamPAIN Room: Mad Tea Party on Saturday, March 30th at Sanctuary LAX

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Sanctuary Studios

10914 South La Cienega Boulevard

Lennox, CA 90304

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We are pleased to invite you to **The 3rd ChamPAIN Room!** The theme is **MAD TEA PARTY!** Join us for a body positive, strip club style play party! All sexes, shapes, colors, genders, and orientation of people are invited to shake what their mama gave them in the name of charity and a good time! Our event is a **SAFE SPACE**. We welcome all people: trans, BBW, gay, bisexual, queer, and furries! Let’s all have fun!

**Membership Guest List to Attend ChamPAIN Room**

In response to the overwhelming requests for more intimate play and graphic performances, ChamPAIN Room will move forward in 2019 as a Members Only Party.

This will allow us to have fewer restrictions on the type of play and the type of stage performances.

Membership is inexpensive and easy to join. Please register on Eventbrite by March 20, 2019:

**Only those who have registered through Eventbrite may attend ChamPAIN Room and all other House of Algos events.**

Space for ChamPAIN Room is limited to 130 guests so please register on Eventbrite as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

**Description of the Party**

This will be a play party with the twist that anyone can perform on stage and the proceeds go towards charity. *And no Charity is not the name of a dancer.* Full nudity is allowed and encouraged, *unlike those silly titty bars.* Enjoy a cash bar, thanks to the **lovely Miss Cassie!** Light refreshments will be provided throughout the evening.

**Entrance Fee**

Cost is:

*$25 for ChamPAIN Room

*$10 for Performers

*$10 for Dance Class

*$250 for VIP

**Tickets are only available for purchase at the door.**

**Party Itinerary**

8:00PM - 9:00PM: Floor Fuckery Dance Class

8:00PM - 9:00PM: Social Time

9:00PM: Doors to Play rooms open

9:00PM - 1:00AM: Performances

9:45PM: Twerking

10:45PM: Lap Dance

11:45PM: Free-Style Dance-off

Midnight: Champagne Toast

**Hear what Mistress Cyan has to say about ChamPAIN Room**

"ChamPAIN Room is such a unique party! It is refreshing to see people attend an event with such a body positive twist."

-Mistress Cyan

**Dress Code**

-Acceptable: Semi-formal to formal, Fetish, or Mad Tea Party Themed

-Not acceptable: jeans, shorts, baseball caps, or street clothing

**Floor Fuckery Dance Class**

Come take Floor Fuckery with Miss Emmeline from 8:00PM-9:00PM in the Back Room for $10 and learn how to make it rain!!

**Performing on Stage**

Performers (this can be you!) are invited to take the main stage, to show us what you got! Each performer can take to the stage for as little as two minutes or as long as ten minutes in whatever style you want. You are invited to dance, do a strip tease, perform burlesque, or conduct a short scene on stage. **No self-suspension will be allowed.** Performers are allowed to use the pole on stage. Party goers can purchase cash at the Money Exchange Table in the main room to make it rain on the performers on stage, just like in a strip club. Performers will collect the cash on stage and the cash will be tallied at the end of the night and allocated to the charity pre-selected by each performer. Performances will be limited to **10 minutes.** If your routine is longer than 10 minutes, please let us know and we will see if we can fit your performance in the lineup. Everyone is allowed to perform if they choose to and sign up in time. No discrimination based on sex, gender, orientation, race, age, body type or other will be tolerated.

Performers must fill out our **Performer Survey** by **Wednesday, March 20** in order to be guaranteed a spot on stage. Contact Ana (AtomicAnaAlgos on FL or email her at and send her your survey in ordered to be given a performance spot. If time slots are still available the evening of the event, slots are given on a first come first serve basis. You must have the title of your song and the artist ready to give to the DJ if you are picked to perform last minute. We are honored to have Sir Gio as our DJ and The Reverend as our MC for this evening!

**Performer Survey**

What is your name/FL username?

What name would you like to be called on stage?

What pronouns do you use?

Which charity would you like to dance for?

What song(s) (with artist(s)) would you like to perform to?

What (if any) information would you like to be announced while you approach the stage?

Do you require any special accommodations?


Here are some, but not all, the charities some of the performers are raising money for during this event:

-Center for Positive Sexuality

-St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

-National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

-LA LGBT Center

**Money Exchange**

You may exchange Real Cash for Play Cash to throw at performers at the Money Exchange Table in the Main Room next to the bar. The exchange rate is for every $1 you give, you get $1 back. Example, if you pay $5, you will receive $5 in Play Money. If you pay $10, you receive $10, etc.


Performers with **blue wristbands** will be available to give lapdances for $15 a dance. Play Money given to dancers will be donated to a charity of their choice.

**VIP package**

If you are looking for the premium experience at this party then the **VIP Package** is for you! Stand out from the crowd and let the performers know you are serious! **The ChamPAIN Room** is the only place where **Intimate Play** is allowed at this party. **VIP will have unrestricted intimate play in our exclusive semi-private lounge in Prometheus.**

**The VIP Package includes:**

*For you and a guest

*VIP Lounge Access

*VIP seating near front of the stage

*Bring any bottle you like with no corkage fee!

*1 lap dance or 1 half-hour Pro-Top/Pro-Bottom Session

*1 bottle of champagne and 2 champagne glasses

*Intimate Play in the VIP ChamPAIN room Prometheus

*VIP Food Platters

*VIP Server to bring you drinks from cash bar

All for only **$250**

**Dance Competitions and Costume Contest**

We will have **Three Competitions**:

Twerking at 9:45PM

Lap Dance at 10:45PM

Free-Style Dance-off at 11:45PM

3 dancers from the audience are invited to go on stage and dance their kinky hearts out. The audience will vote by applause for the best dancer. The performer will donate any money thrown at them to the charity of their choice.

**ChamPAIN Room Play Party Etiquette**


PRICK (Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink) at all times.

Edge play must be approved by a DM.

Edge play includes but is not limited to play with Blood, Breath, Electricity, Fire, Knives, Needles, any type of Penetration/Sexual Activity, Suspension, Tasers, Violet Wand, and Wax.

Negotiate before a scene.

Provide aftercare following scene.

House safeword is RED and DMs will make sure safewords are being respected.

Clean dungeon furniture before and after scene.

No playing in the Main Room (unless on stage) nor on the Smoking Patio.

No loud talking near doorways.

Do not interrupt scenes or aftercare.

Watch scenes from a respectable distance.

Only water in the play rooms.

**Intimate Play For VIP Guests**

Only VIP Guests will be allowed to engage in Intimate Play in the VIP Room

**Lap Dance**

Negotiate before dance about comfort level for each person.

**Pro-Domme, -Switch, or -Sub Experience For VIP**

Same rules as for Play/Scening above.

**Cell Phones and Camera**

Cell phones may only be used passed the bar and in the main lobby where you paid your entrance fee.

No cell phones or cameras allowed in the Play Rooms or Main Room.

**Smoking Patio and Alcohol**

The smoking patio is for tobacco products only.

Drunk and inebriated behavior will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.

**Contact Information**

Contact Ezra (Ezra8 on FL), Ana (AtomicAnaAlgos on FL), or email if you have any questions. See you on Friday, March 30th!

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