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Creating the Radically Self-Organizing Firm:
Using Open Principles for Very Fast Organizational Transformation

With Niels Pflaeging – leadership philosopher, management exorcist, author, speaker, BetaCodex Network founder, Red42 co-founder

Niels Pflaeging has been at the forefront of the self-organization, agile organization movement since 2003, when he joined the prestigious Beyond Budgeting Round Table as a director. Since then, he has founded the BetaCodex Network, and pioneered approaches such as Org Physics, Change-as-Flipping, Organize for Complexity, and OpenSpace Beta. Come hear from Niels about the most recent breakthrough approaches to organizational transformation which support the next generation of “Beta” organizational models. Beta is the organizational mindset that is fit for complex markets & fit for human beings - opposed to the command-and-control mindset from the Industrial Age. Niels will discuss with us what seemed impossible until recently: how to make the radically self-organized Beta organization happen everywhere - in just a couple of months.

In his recent work with the innovative start-up Red42, Niels Pflaeging spells out an open source, all-hands, high-engagement approach to organizational transformation that is suitable for any kind of company - regardless of size, age, country/culture, legal form and industry. Seemingly obvious and yet groundbreaking, this is the way to make the Beta organization happen.

If you are a company owner, executive, director, manager, team lead, coach, or consultant, this will be an exciting and engaging discussion where you can connect with Niels live and get some questions answered.

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