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BitCamp San Francisco: 3-day Intensive Blockchain Fundamentals Workshop

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2169 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

New, MI 48211

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Refund Policy

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We believe Bitcoin and the movement it has spawned is one of the most important things happening now, both for humanity collectively and for individual people.

But this new technology is like a sword. First you must train your hands to use the sword.

The goal of BitCamp is convey the key insights and skills necessary for you to take the sword into your own hands and wield it successfully.


BitCamp is a 3 day workshop that will immerse you in the world of bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. BitCamp is structured into modules. Each module will consist of a lecture, Q&A, discussion, practicum, and assessments.

The modules include:

  • History (Origins & History of Money, Computing & Cryptocurrency)

  • Skills & Tools (Secure Messaging, Wallets, Hardware Wallets, Trading, Running a Node, Using a Block Explorer, Using a token browser, Setting Up a VPN, Using Tor, Participating in an ICO, Using a Token Browser, Deploying a contract)

  • The Cryptographic Foundation of Blockchain Technology(Hash Functions & Digital Signatures, The Two Pillar Model, ECDSA, SHA-256)

  • Bitcoin Fundamentals (addresses, transactions, the network, mining, Block Structure, Blockchain Structure, Issuance Schedule, Fees, BIPS)

  • Blockchain Fundamentals (Permissionlessness, Immutability, Consenus, Implications & Applications, Consensus Attacks)

  • Altconomy (Survey of the Crypto-Ecosystem and Ecology, A fundamentalist lense for evaluation of cryptocurrencies, Alternative Consensus Mechanisms)

  • Crypto-Accounting (Triple-Entry Bookkeeping, Cryptographic Receipt Accounting, Momentum Accounting)

  • Crypto-Startups (Ethereum, smart contracts, decentralized apps/orgs)

  • CryptoStartups: (Fundamental Lense for Analysis of Crypto-Projects)

  • Ethereum Fundamentals (Blockchain Meta-Protocols, What is a decentralized Computer? Smart Contracts, Solidity, Gas, Tokens, D-Apps, DAOs)

  • Stack Magic: (Smart Contract Execution, Simple Sample Contracts, Crypto-Law, ERC20, ERC720, Decentralized Exchanges)

  • Crypto-Economics: (Incentive Design— How software becomes people-ware, A reintroduction to Game Theory, Schelling Points, Superrationality, Incentive Design, Infinite Games)

  • What the Fork? (Code Forks, Hard Forks, Soft Forks, Chain Splits, Spoons)

  • Chain Gangs: Blockchain Community Organizing

  • The Noble Science: Thinking like a Crypto-Person

Upon successful completion of BitCamp particiapants will be awarded an on-blockchain attendance certificate and be eligible for a Blockchain Fundamentals certficate.

Prior Experience

There is no expectation of prior experience. But there is a lot you can do before camp to root it contextually.

  • You do NOT need to know how to code.

  • You will be expected to work through Blockchain/Cryptocurrency math.

  • You will be immersed in the local Blockchain community for ~9hrs each day of camp.

BitCamp is meant to be an intense, immersive experience. BitCamp is great for anyone looking to learn more about the Blockchain revolution; it is ideal for people who can handle drinking from a firehose and who see themselves becoming leaders in the Blockchain space.

After Camp

BitCamp is not about having Bitcoin/Blockchain/Cryptocurrency explained to you. It’s about achieving the level of understanding for you to become the one doing the explaining. The idea is to empower you to empower others. After BitCamp you will be able to convey the fundamentals, orient yourself & others, and operate in the space.

In short, our goal is to take you from Zero to Blockchain Hero in 3 Days.

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2169 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

New, MI 48211

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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