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Beyond Fearless: Creating your Hero’s Journey

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Centre for Social Innovation - Spadina - Alterna Room - 4th Floor

215 Spadina Avenue

Toronto, ON M5T 2C7


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A workshop series for ambitious humans who aim to change the world.

Are you feeling the call to act on your dreams?

To take a big risk, a leap of faith into the unknown, but you aren't quite sure how where to start?

You might be wanting to:

  • Get a promotion or step into your leadership at work

  • Quit your job and travel the world

  • Change careers, relationships, or the direction of your life

Come and claim your place at one or all of these four experiential learning events, where you will learn to gather your strength, point your compass and head out the door in the direction of your dreams.

Take one course that interests you, or take them all - choose your own adventure.

At the end of each course, you will level-up in essential EQ skills that pave the way to personal success:

  • Confidence to form a plan

  • Courage to take action

  • Resilience to get back up stronger when you fall

These three skills together are what make up the path to bravery, arming you with the ability to stop wasting time and actually execute on all those crazy dreams you’ve got rolling around in that big beautiful brain of yours. If you REALLY want to change the world, the journey starts within.

Why is this important for my life?

  • You are the hero of your journey. This course will help you take responsibility for your own life.

  • It's up to YOU to change your attitude and thoughts, nobody is going to do this work for you.

  • Taking time to develop personally is the key to success. Literally. What are you waiting for?

  • Having a kickass life that leaves you feeling thrilled and liberated is totally within reach, for anyone who is willing to work for it.

  • Come and learn with a supportive group, so you can start on the unique and personal journey that awaits.

WED MAY 17TH 2017 - Stop "Should"ing All Over Yourself

6:30 pm - Alterna Savings Room - CSI Spadina - 215 Spadina Ave - 4th Floor

What if you could release yourself from worrying about what others think?

Are you doing things in your life mainly to please family members or loved ones without really looking at what YOU want? Feel like people in your life are holding you back from your true potential? "Stop "Should"ing All Over Yourself" is a workshop for those who want to stop giving a fuck about what anyone thinks and focus on what makes them happy instead. Come and learn how to be extraordinary in an ordinary world (gasp) and do away with values and belief systems that might have been imposed on you, but aren't yours. Time to stop putting yourself down and start having the power to control your life and circumstances.

What is being offered at this event?

  • Identify who/what in your life is holding you back.

  • Address fears you have about moving forward in your life, real or imagined.

  • Learn how to celebrate your unique skills as a leader and uncover your brilliance.

  • Practice putting your vision into action by shaping a “why” action plan.

  • Learn key mindfulness skills to start rewiring your brain for happiness.

  • Create a life-altering gratitude practice that fits with your busy schedule.

TUESDAY JUNE 13TH 2017 - The Courage Toolkit

6:30 pm - Alterna Savings Room - CSI Spadina - 215 Spadina Ave - 4th Floor

What if you had a box of tools to help create an endless flow of courage?

Come to this workshop if you are an ambitious human who knows WHAT you need to do, but just needs to freakin’ DO it already. Learn the actual skills you need to generate the motivation and grit to move your dreams forward, treating each challenge as a tactical adventure instead of something to be scared of. You will receive the tools you need to achieve productivity on the tasks that really matter to you, even in the face of fear. Get ready to manifest positive experiences and expectations, keeping you a courage-creating machine!

What is being offered at this event?

  • Get seven practical, easy to use courage tools that you can use right away in your life

  • Learn what vulnerability and being open has to do with taking risks, and how it increases courage.

  • A safe place to get OUT of your comfort zone and expand your range as a leader who takes charge.

  • Learn tricks for getting shit done in half the time, using productivity to face your fears.

  • Apply these different techniques to your life, making a plan of action to carry out into the world.

WED JULY 12TH 2017 - Radical Resilience: Learn from Failure, Prep for Success

6:30 pm - Alterna Savings Room - CSI Spadina - 215 Spadina Ave - 4th Floor

What if you could take more punches, get up quicker, and integrate your learning faster?

Yay! You did something! Now, what happens after you take action? Your brain perceives the events as either a success or a failure, depending on your mindset. In the final workshop, you will flex some new neural pathways in your brain, building up to a level of resilience that will turn you into a superhero.

The key to taking action is integrating the learning you have received, but most people miss this step and simply give up, thinking if they didn't get the exact results they wanted, they are a failure. Stop being so hard on yourself! You can learn incredible things from both your successes and your failures, taking half the time to recover so you can get back out there on the path towards your dream.

What is being offered at this event?

  • Determine whether you have a growth or fixed mindset and what to do about it

  • Decide how YOU measure success, and what variables have to be in the mix for you to be happy with your life.

  • Overcome your fear of success (whut?) and flip the view on what it means.

  • Learn what to do when shit goes sideways, and you fail at your endeavor.

  • Overcome insecurity, unworthiness, guilt, grief and despair caused by failure

  • Learn how to start fresh, putting the past behind you.

By the end of these workshops, you will be out in the world working on the project, quest or plan that has been on your mind.

You will have learned the recipe for becoming fearless - a system you can use whenever you need courage, confidence, or resilience.

Join for the whole adventure or come to the course that intrigues you the most, it's up to you to choose your path.


Where are these events taking place?

Individual Workshop dates are listed above. Times and Location stay the same.

Venue: Centre for Social Innovation – 4th Floor – ALTERNA SAVINGS ROOM

Address: 215 Spadina Ave - North of Queen St W. Walk west from Osgoode Subway station and turn right on Spadina. The venue is in the same building as Dark Horse Espresso, take the elevator to the fourth floor and look for the Alterna room. There will be signs to guide you.

Who is presenting?
Danika Zoe helps driven individuals step into their version of personal leadership, free from the anxiety and perfectionism that comes from being an overachiever. She believes there is a great leader inside of everyone, and her life's work is to help unlock that brilliance in others. As a coach, Danika gets to work with passionate, ambitious and fiery humans who are leading the charge towards a new vision of heart-centered leadership for the world. She empowers her clients to courageously lead “from the front”, creating a life in which they feel truly connected to their purpose.

Danika is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), and is a graduate of the prestigious CTI Leadership Program. She is the co-founder of the Spark Your Life Community and the owner of Fearless Leadership Coaching Co.

Is there a dress code? What should I wear?
Wear whatever you feel comfortable in – except your birthday suit. Expect to be sitting, standing, or maybe..dancing?

Is there parking nearby?

Yes there is street parking on Spadina, Sullivan and Phoebe St – all within a 2 minute walk of the venue.

Can I take public transit?

Yup! Just hop on the 510 Spadina streetcar from Spadina Station (go southbound!) or get off at Osgoode station and walk ten minutes to 215 Spadina.

What should I bring to the events?

Mainly just yourself. If you are a keener, bring a notebook and a bottle of water.

How can I reach you if I have a question?

By email at

You will receive a contact # when you register, in case you are going to be late for the event and need to let us know.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Nope! Save a tree.

Hurry and reserve your spot! Space is limited.

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Centre for Social Innovation - Spadina - Alterna Room - 4th Floor

215 Spadina Avenue

Toronto, ON M5T 2C7


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