Auth0 Online Meetup #3 - API Security Made Simple

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Node developers are spoiled when it comes to frameworks for building APIs. Express, Hapi, Koa, and others provide excellent tooling to quickly build and extend powerful APIs. LoopBack takes it a step further by enabling developers to build APIs faster through powerful scaffolding tools that can handle very complex use cases. LoopBack is built on top of Express, so to most Node developers it simply acts as a productivity boost.

In this months talk, we'll let IBM developer advocate Erin McKean show us how we can quickly build a full featured API and then we'll take it a step further by properly securing and locking down our API so that only authenticated users can access it. We look forward to seeing you there!

Title: Easy, Secure APIs with LoopBack and Auth0

Description: In this talk, you'll learn how to build a full CRUD API -- including user authentication -- and a simple front-end client using LoopBack and Auth0.

Loopback is a highly extensible open-source Node.js framework that can be used to build dynamic end-to-end REST APIs. With little or no code, Loopback hands you the power to:

- Quickly create APIs.
- Connect your APIs to data sources such as relational databases, MongoDB, REST APIs, etc.
- Incorporate model relationships and access controls for complex APIs.
- Providing a CLI tool for use.
- Extend your APIs


Erin McKean
Erin is a developer advocate at IBM and loves talking about APIs to anyone who will stand still long enough. Before turning to Node.js, she dabbled in Ruby, HyperCard, Perl, and Omnimark, and still finds herself writing bash scripts on a regular basis. Erin is also the founder of the nonprofit online dictionary, which has a lot of fun APIs! She is an honorary fellow of the Society for Technical Communication, and in her spare time she sews clothes and makes Twitterbots.

Ado Kukic
Ado is a full-stack developer, advocate, and evangelist at Auth0. Mixing his passion of programming and education, he creates tutorials, courses, and other educational content focusing on security, authentication, and much more. On the front-end, he prefers Angular, while on the backend he flip-flops between Node.js and Golang.

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