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Aura Spa Arranges Weight Management Program for Renovating the mechanics...

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Chithirapuram p.o ,Chithirapuram Power house , Munnar-685565

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The cause of obesity is due to our continuous change in the lifestyle, eating habits, environment changes we have become the victims of many lifestyle disorders, and the prominent one among them is obesity- which is the accumulation of the excessive amount of fat in our body. Even though it is not a serious condition itself, it may later result in a serious disease like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, etc. If you are tired of trying all those modern medications to treat this unhealthy condition, then it is time to turn to the natural curing suggested by Ayurveda, which is the science of life and guide us to a healthy way of living. Many Ayurvedic Treatment Centers in Kerala like Aura Ayurveda & Spa provide treatments of major modern lifestyle disease like obesity, stress, anxiety, early aging etc.

The Real Reasons for Obesity

• Modern Lifestyle( lack of Exercise with desk-bound careers)

• Poor diet (Intake of excess junk food and fatty foods)

• Increased alcohol consumption

• Stress and Anxiety ( We tend to eat more when we are more anxious, upset or under stress)

• Hereditary

• Increasing luxurious lifestyle

• Less outdoor activities

• Sitting idle in front of television and computers

What happens when you are Obese?

Overweight will cause you many diseases

• Increased sweating

• Snoring

• Difficulty in sleeping

• Inability to indulge in sudden physical activities

• Increased tiredness

• Hypertension

• High cholesterol level

• Heart diseases

• Stroke

Ayurvedic Approach to obesity

The Ayurvedic word for digestion is Agni. It actually signifies something much more than just fire and includes the idea of a precise and powerful functioning intelligence. Agni has remarkable transformative qualities. All the food we take in must be transformed into that which can be made useful by the body and that which is not needed. The nutrients, or most refined products of our Agni, are used to create the body’s tissues

How many days?

Treatment period needs minimum 2 weeks and for better results, it needs 3 to 4 weeks. This treatment period is depending on your present condition and your expectations.

Date and Time



Chithirapuram p.o ,Chithirapuram Power house , Munnar-685565

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