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Is Industry 4.0 living up to its hype?

According to McKinsey, merely 16% of the manufacturers in the world adopted Industry 4.0 strategies in 2016, and merely 24% allocated responsibilities to implement them. What’s more, the results of implementation have largely been mixed. This has led to a certain level of disillusionment slowly creeping in, with a growing number of manufacturers displaying high uncertainty regarding the implementation of Industry 4.0.

Is it the technology or its understanding that’s at fault?

The truth is, Industry 4.0 has proven itself to be more than just another fancy industrial super trend. A seamless ensemble of disparate advanced technologies, it’s one of the most wholesome solutions to have emerged yet to address a diverse array of industrial challenges.

However, as with any disruptive technology, the term “Industry 4.0” still confuses many manufacturers. Worse, a larger number of them who haven’t heard of the term are wary of yet another marketing hype. Put these categories together, and you have a large industrial majority that isn’t tapping into what’s rapidly emerging to be a means to revolutionize production the way we know it.

As a leading industrial player yourself, which of the above categories do you find yourself in? More importantly, are you satisfied with where you are?

What’s the way out?

Industry 4.0, which has paved the way for the “smart factory,” offers a way out of many typical industrial challenges, some of the key ones being:

  • How do I plan production around so many uncertainties of operational impact during downtimes?

  • What operational changes can I make to affect a positive impact on revenue and cost streams?

  • How can I connect my assets, facilitate information transparency, and facilitate autonomous, automated production floor decisions to enhance speed and efficiency?

Is it a buy in?

DataRPM, a Progress company, a global expert in cognitive technology, is proud to present ‘Applied ML for Industry 4.0: Galvanizing Asset Uptime and Productivity During Lean Times’.

An exclusive interactive panel discussion that will assemble an elite group of Industry 4.0 pioneers, researchers, and experts from Germany and around Europe, its agenda will be centered on how Applied ML for Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing production processes across industries. Some of the key themes that will shape the discussion are:

    • How do I apply Machine Learning & Autonomous AI in real-world manufacturing?
    • Demystifying the Industrial IOT: What exactly is it all about?
    • What do you really mean by Smart Factories, Digital Twins & Connected Machines?
    • How do I make Predictive Maintenance actually Cognitive, Self-Learning and Scalable?
    • What is a Data Lake and why do I need one for Industrial IOT Sensor Data?
    • What monetary and infrastructural investments will I be required to make upfront?
    • What challenges am I expected to face before, during, and after Implementation?
    • What are the End-Result Benefits going to be, and how do they compare with the Total Cost of Ownership


    • Michael Ger, General Manager - Industrial Manufacturing and Automotive Solutions, Hortonworks

    • Seth R Page, EVP- Partnerships and Corporate Business Development, DataRPM

    ** Keeping checking this page frequently to see an updated list of speakers**

    What’s in it for you?

    Grab this opportunity to learn all there is to know about smart factories, and how you can make them your reality.

    Through this discussion, you can expect to gain deep insights into how your company can:

    • Achieve uninterrupted production operations

    • Ensure seamless cross-functional integration

    • Enhance your bottom line savings

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