Agile Coach Accelerator Program

Agile Coach Accelerator Program

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Coaches needs the right mind-set, presence, and shared relationship required to help others learn and grow.

About this event

Coaches are needed now, more than ever and the journey to coaching especially in the Agile space could be challenging if you don’t have the coaching mind-set, presence, and shared relationship required to help others learn and grow.

Research has shown that coaching is a prime driver for creating an environment where people have the clarity, engagement, and energy to deliver great results.

The Agile Coaching Accelerator Program will help Agile coaches and the people they lead be the best they can be, in order to deliver exponential results for the organization.

It develops and maximizes their coaching skills by providing them with a thorough understanding of the principles of good coaching, and what it looks like in practice, thereby cascade a culture of coaching and learning throughout your organization.

The program isn’t about creating clichéd Mr. Miyagi moments, it’s about helping Agile Coaches find their wings while helping others fly faster and higher.


  • It is based on decades of tested global Agile coaching experience and research.
  • Brings together program intellect and design from the world’s top authorities in agile coaching professional coaching, change management and systemic coaching.
  • It is centered first on understanding yourself, exploring your perspectives, beliefs and behaviors, discover a previously unknown strength, and tap into your unique potentials.
  • You will learn how to navigate the sea of change and build a strong coaching culture, to coaching an individual, team or organization through transformational change.
  • You will understand how to focus each engagement with presence and awareness, listen for the system needs, be intentional about your impacts, and help move challenging situations forward.
  • It offers a real opportunity to challenge existing behaviors, limiting belief, ideas, coaching philosophy and practices that are at odds with a true Agile coaching mindset.
  • It is practical and experiential, with much of the learning brought forward by the group, for the group.
  • It leverages real-world exercises to provide the participants the opportunity to practice various approaches and receive specific feedback about core coaching competencies to bridge the gap between your demonstrated skill and the skill required at your next level of credentialing.
  • You will walk away with the knowledge, tools, and confidence needed to productively coach your teams, leaders, and others in the organization.
  • Finally, a 2-month continuous learning intervention that leads to professional mastery of coaching delivered by experience coaches.


  • Scrum Masters seeking to become an Agile Coach
  • Agile Coaches
  • Enterprise Coaches
  • Agile Leaders
  • Those seeking to develop their Agile coaching competencies.


  • A 2-month program with weekly zoom call.
  • Each module includes model, frameworks, coaching skills, tools and techniques to help understand the theory and the practical aspect of coaching.


1. The Coach in ME

2. Systems Coaching

3. Coaching leaders

4. Coaching Team of Teams

5. Coaching the Business (Product Owners/Managers and Stakeholders)

6. Coaching Organization Through Change

7. Agile Transformation Strategy

8. Creating a Sustainable Change Culture