Advanced Python — Four-day course in Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv-Yafo


Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District


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If you're a Python developer, then I don't have to convince you: It's an amazing language. The fact that it's easy to learn, readable, and easy to work with don't change the fact that it's powerful and flexible.

This course is meant to make you even more effective at using Python -- its data structures, functions, and objects, as well as advanced techniques like iterators, generators, and decorators. We'll dive into the way that Python is implemented, giving you an understanding of why and how the language really works.

When this course is over, you'll know how to do even more with less code. You'll be able to write more "Pythonic" code. You'll understand the language better. And you'll be equipped to solve new problems.

This is the same course that I have given at companies around the world, including Apple, Cisco, IBM, Intel, PayPal, and VMWare. If you want to take your Python to the next level, then this is the course for you!

A huge part of the course is spent in exercises, practicing the topics that are introduced. I strongly believe that you only truly learn when you practice. I also expect active participation — not only working on the exercises, but asking questions throughout the course. I expect to learn new things, and to be challenged by your questions!

The course is four days long:

  • Monday, January 21, 2019
  • Wednesday, January 23, 2019
  • Monday, January 28, 2019
  • Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Each day will run from 9:30 - 17:30. There will be both morning and afternoon breaks, as well as an hour-long break for lunch.

The training will take place in central Tel Aviv; the location will be announced by January 10th.

Note: The language of instruction is Hebrew.

שימו לב: הקורס יועבר בשפה העברית.

Questions? Contact me (reuven@lerner.co.il), or call me at 054-496-8405.

The four-day course costs NIS 3500 + VAT. Participation is limited to 20 people. Groups of 5 people or more get a 20% discount. (If you want the discount, then go ahead and buy tickets here. I'll refund your purchase.)

Soon after paying, you'll recive a tax invoice (חשבונית מס/קבלה), from my Israeli corporation.

The syllabus is as follows:

Data structures

  • Advanced aspects of basic data structures
  • Advanced data structures


  • Function objects
  • Parameters including *args and **kwargs
  • Scoping
  • Inner functions

Functional programming

  • Comprehensions (list, dictionary, set)
  • Nested comprehensions
  • lambda and function parameters
  • map, filter,and reduce

Modules and packages

Advanced objects

  • Class vs. instance attributes
  • Composition
  • Inheritance
  • Class and static methods
  • Properties
  • Magic methods
  • Multiple inheritance and mixins
  • Descriptors

Iterators, generators and decorators

  • Python’s iteration protocol
  • Creating iterators (and why)
  • Generator functions
  • Generator expressions
  • Decorator classes
  • Decorator functions
  • Context managers
  • Decorators

Threads, processes, and multiprocessing

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Date and Time


Tel Aviv-Yafo


Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District


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