Advanced Financial Modeling using Excel N30,000

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Vantage Hub, Mosesola House

103, Allen Avenue




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Advanced Excel and Financial Modelling



Microsoft Excel is an essential skill, whether you are working with data in an office or simply need to keep check on your finances our Microsoft Excel courses will help you get to grips with Excel's functions and formulas. We have a variety of Microsoft Excel courses, from beginner to advanced, so whether you want to learn the Excel basics or fancy yourself as an Excel pro we have a course for you.

This course is designed for those who require a greater knowledge of the more advanced features of Excel including Goal Seek, What-if scenarios and pivot tables.

By the end of this training course, participants will:
* Use logical functions (IF, OR, AND & NOT)
* Use math & statistical functions
* Use the PMT function
* Use data functions (YEAR, DAYS360 & NETWORKDAYS)
* Calculate time
* Create array formulas
* Use VLOOKUP, MATCH & INDEX functions
* Validate data
* Use database functions
* Import & export text files
* Import & export XML data
* Use Goal Seek & Solver
* Use the Analysis ToolPak
* Create scenarios
* Run and record macros
* Edit VBA modules
* Create custom functions

Target Audience

This course is intended for students who are experienced Excel 2016 users and have a desire or need to advance their skills in working with some of the more advanced Excel features. Students will likely need to troubleshoot large, complex workbooks, automate repetitive tasks, engage in collaborative partnerships involving workbook data, construct complex Excel functions, and use those functions to perform rigorous analysis of extensive, complex datasets.

Course Outline

1. Getting Started with Microsoft Office Excel 2016
  • Navigate the Excel User Interface
  • Use Excel Commands
  • Create and Save a Basic Workbook
  • Enter Cell Data Topic E: Use Excel Help

2. Performing Calculations
  • Create Worksheet Formulas
  • Insert Functions
  • Reuse Formulas and Functions

3. Modifying a Worksheet
  • Insert, Delete, and Adjust Cells, Columns, and Rows
  • Search for and Replace Data
  • Use Proofing and Research Tools

4. Formatting a Worksheet
  • Apply Text Formats
  • Apply Number Formats
  • Align Cell Contents
  • Apply Styles and Themes
  • Apply Basic Conditional Formatting
  • Create and Use Templates

5. Printing Workbooks
  • Preview and Print a Workbook
  • Set Up the Page Layout
  • Configure Headers and Footers

6. Managing Workbooks
  • Manage Worksheets
  • Manage Workbook and Worksheet Views
  • Manage Workbook Properties

7. Working with Functions
  • Work with Ranges
  • Use Specialized Functions
  • Work with Logical Functions
  • Work with Date & Time Functions
  • Work with Text Functions

8. Working with Lists
  • Sort Data
  • Filter Data
  • Query Data with Database Functions
  • Outline and Subtotal Data

9. Analyzing Data
  • Create and Modify Tables
  • Apply Intermediate Conditional Formatting
  • Apply Advanced Conditional Formatting

10. Visualizing Data with Charts
  • Create Charts
  • Modify and Format Charts
  • Use Advanced Chart Features

11. Analyzing Data with PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • Create a PivotTable
  • Analyze PivotTable Data
  • Present Data with PivotCharts
  • Filter Data by Using Timelines and Slicers

12. Working with Multiple Worksheets & Workbooks
  • Use Links and External References
  • Use 3-D References
  • Consolidate Data

13. Using Lookup Formulas and Formula Auditing
  • Use Lookup Functions
  • Trace Cells
  • Watch and Evaluate Formulas

14. Sharing and Protecting Workbooks
  • Collaborate on a Workbook
  • Protect Worksheets and Workbooks

15. Automating Workbook Functionality
  • Apply Data Validation
  • Search for Invalid Data and Formulas with Errors
  • Work with Macros

16. Creating Sparklines and Mapping Data
  • Create Sparklines
  • Map Data

17. Forecasting Data
  • Determine Potential Outcomes Using Data Tables
  • Determine Potential Outcomes Using Scenarios
  • Use the Goal Seek Feature
  • Forecasting Data Trends

18. Auditing and Debugging Formulas
  • Tracing Cell precedents and Dependents
  • Removing all arrows
19. Macro Recording facility in Excel

Registration Fee

₦60,000.00 per participant (inclusive of training mat, refreshments and lunch)

Enjoy 50% discount!!! Pay ₦30,000.00

Early Birds –

Valid for registration and payment received on or before 12 December 2017

Valid for 3 or more participants registering under the same company or group of companies

For further enquiries, please contact

Tina +234 817 915 1225

Oye +234 817 745 0870

To register visit:

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Date and Time


Vantage Hub, Mosesola House

103, Allen Avenue




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