ABM For Analyzing: Principles and Practices for Informed Technical and Market Decisions
$245 – $295
ABM For Analyzing: Principles and Practices for Informed Technical and Market Decisions

ABM For Analyzing: Principles and Practices for Informed Technical and Mark...

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Bellevue, WA

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Adaptive Business Management - Practitioner Certification

A six-part certification course for the Adaptive Business Management Practitioner (ABM-CP), covering the three 'People' units, and the three 'Product' units of the Adaptive Business Management framework.  As a Certified Practitioner, you will be able to lead and manage transformation initiatives within your organization, assisted by ABM Solution Architects, and ABM domain specialists.  Through your understanding of all six aspects of the framework, you will be well equipped to navigate whatever stage of adoption your organization is currently undergoing.

Some typical objectives of Adaptive Business Management

  1. Deliver value to customers quicker - by improving flow efficiency
  2. Improve decision making - by really empowering employees
  3. Understand which processes to improve - and which you should leave alone
  4. Improve productivity - by creating cross-functional teams of specialists
  5. Respond to market trends quicker - by exploiting dynamic strategic planning
  6. Create products that sell better - by building customer feedback loops into product development

Who Should Get Certified

  • Anyone wishing to be a leader or manager in an organization that is adopting, or thinking of adopting, lean or agile practices. 
  • Executives needing to understand the long term roadmap
  • Operation Managers needing to understand the flow of work
  • Functional Managers needing to understand departmental dependencies
  • Team Leaders needing to understand how to align and empower their team
  • Supervisors needing to understand how to guide and direct their people
  • Team members needing to understand how they can best contribute.

Part 6 of 6: ABM For Planning
Principles and Practices for Informed Technical and Market Decisions

At the end of this half-day module you will know how to apply the principles and practices for informed technical and market decisions based on empirical feedback in order to gather actionable intelligence, thereby increasing competitiveness.

Producing things better, faster, cheaper is just one of the goals of being lean or agile, but if the organization hasn't built the mechanisms to listen to, and react quickly to, feedback, it will be severely limited in its ability to improve, and to ultimately remain competitive.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand why creating a platform for change is more important than creating a product
  • Know how to design for production using DevOps, and know why this is important.
  • Learn how to gather and analyze data so that it is actionable and timely.

Traditional decision-making emphasizes upfront analysis. Surveys, market and trend analysis, and system reviews are conducted to ensure that the right decision is made the first time. Mistakes are penalized so that failures will be avoided in the future. Often this either leads to analysis paralysis, where decisions are not made, or to a culture of conservatism where risks are not taken and innovation dies. Adaptive Business Management believes that the world is too complex to understand through analysis alone, and that the only failure is the failure to learn. ABM teaches that every decision should be treated as a testable hypothesis, and that the objective of creating products is to learn more about the market.

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Date and Time


Bellevue, WA

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