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MIT National

One Penn Plaza

34th floor

New York, NY 10019

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Understand blockchain inside out from practitioners with proven track records and deep real-world experience in the most popular blockchain bootcamp in NYC while networking with like-minded classmates. If you are an executive, manager, developer, devops, dev lead, entrepreneur, crypto or blockchain enthusiast and need to get a serious structured and deep technical understanding of blockchain then this course is all you need. This course is designed for non-technical people looking for a technical understanding of blockchain.

Chainhaus Certificate of Completion will be provided by at the end of the course day. Breakfast will be provided. Expect about 8 hours of instruction time that often goes past 5.30pm, heavy engagement, Q&A and student interaction. The learning will be intense, fun, current and engaging.


  • Understanding cryptography, hashing, public/private key, elliptical curve algorithms, cryptographic attack vectors

  • Distributed computing concepts, peer-to-peer network, Byzantine Fault Tolerance, Byzantine General's Problem, Multi-phased commits, cache synchronization

  • Blockchain data structures: digital signature chaining, transaction, blocks, blockchains, addresses

  • Consensus algorithms: Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Delegated Proof of Stake, Proof of Elapsed Time, Proof of Authority, RAFT, Hashgraph

  • Understanding the diffferent blockchains and the varying value propositions and architectures: Bitcoin, Ethereum, HyperLedger Fabric, Hashgraph, EOS, NEO, NEM, Quorum, Corda

  • Smart Contracts: What they are, how to write one, Solidity examples, use cases, OPCODE, auditing and attack vectors

  • ERC 20 and 721 tokens and asset tokenization strategies

  • Quantum-resistant crypto algorithms, directed acyclic graphs

  • Upcoming technologies: Casper, sharding, Ethereum Vyper, Homestead

  • Use cases: Supply chain, real estate, trading, HFT, Fintech

  • Decentralized ID and identity management

  • Anatomy of an ICO & STO: Walkthrough the technical architecture of an ICO, the process of issuing a coin, observing transactions on chain of ICO funds moving in and out of ICO wallets, real-life smart contract analysis

  • Tokenomics: Monte Carlo simulations and game theory

  • Bonus: Machine Learning & Big data: Applying machine learning and big data concepts to blockchain

Recent Students:

“ The course was informative, interactive and thought-provoking, and well paced. It was just the right mix of technical, theoretical and practical information. Thank you for a brilliant course” - Elham Bambaei, Vice President, Citibank

" I could not have gotten more out of this class. They are so many different sources of information out there, but the group here, in particular, has studied it enough to become experts and have given me at least two or three very tangible action items I can take back to work" - Lisabeth Wirth, Marsh & McLennan Companies

" This class helped me put all the concepts together, materialize information, and understand it in a way that I can explain it to others" - Julia Kufman, Fintech Advisor

“I came in with a baseline understanding but the course took it to the next level! The course was engaging and it was accessible to me. Professor and staff were extremely welcoming and answered all questions. Look forward to attending more events” - Bryan Perlmutter, Senior Advisor, Game Changer Labs

"I've had many conversations on blockchain but this is the first time I actually understood it" - Katherine Sanden, Math and Computer Science Teacher at Menlo School

" Did a really good job explaining all the topics" - Waseem Hussain, Co-Founder, Union Crate

" I am a teacher, and I came today with zero knowledge about blockchain. I'm leaving with a lot of ideas on how to teach this subject in a creative way to the youth" - Andrea Chaves, Educator

" It was a very informative class. I definitely will be using the knowledge I learned today" - Sarina Charugundla, Entrepreneur

" This is the best blockchain training I've taken so far. We covered cryptography, hashing and the difference between fungible and non-fungible tokens. It was amazing" - Shagufta Sayani, Deloitte

" The staff is very professional. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone." - Alec Dadisman, Senior Client Services Manager, MIT National

I had the time to ask questions. I had those questions answered in depth and I walked away from this as a long-time IT professional, ready and raring to go in this space.- Beverly Burnett, Senior Technical Project Manager, AIG

I would recommend this course to business leaders and technology professionals looking into the blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency.- Alaa Lasheen, Head of PMO at Alexbank

"This course moves from theoretical to applied. It is full of information yet presented in and easy to understand format. I left this course with a greater understanding of the maturity of watching technology in general and the pros and pitfalls of leveraging block chain for specific applications. Well worth the money to attend ." - Herb Hess, Senior Consultant/President at CNE, Inc. and Owner, CNE, Inc.

"The full-day Blockchain Bootcamp was instrumental in helping me understand the basis of the technology. It’s fully immersive and interactive nature makes the course great for learners at every stage. - Steve Nson, CEO and Founder at InnovativeCRE

"Very informative & well-organized day." - Jason Patience, Enterprise Technology Sales Professional

Jamiel (Instructor) is deeply knowledgeable about blockchain.- Diana Doroftei, Oliver Wydman Management Consulting


This is an intensive deep dive into blockchain and blockchain-related technologies applicable to tech and non-tech individuals. This is for individuals that are looking to understand the impact of blockchain to their careers or industries and want to formulate and understand potential risks and opportunities.

Blockchain is poised to be one of the most disruptive technologies to ever impact business. Cryptocurrencies notwithstanding, the breadth and depth of impact are breathtaking. This disruption is unfolding as we speak. Blockchain technologies are impacting industries and sectors globally and are poised to make sweeping changes - financials, banking, trading, supply chain, logistics, healthcare and more. Given this backdrop, a large number of executives and leaders are looking for ways to understand blockchain in a way that can help them identify risks and opportunities.

This is a "no fluff" course that delivers deep insights and knowledge and offers the chance for you to network with seasoned professionals and peers.

This course is specifically for people who wish to be technically savvy but don't want the "geek" speak - business executives and leaders that wish to forego the pie-in-the-sky hype and excessive technical jargon but instead get the facts that matter to make the decisions needed for short and long term.

Think of this course as management consulting minus the high fees. If you are looking to take a deep dive into the blockchain world and walk away with actionable next steps that can move your organization forward then this course is for you.


Chainhaus is the #1 blockchain training organization in NYC, dedicated to blockchain education. We are geeks with MBAs and mystics of the dark blockchain arts. We live, eat and breathe blockchain everyday building solutions for customers and running events. We not only teach blockchain but code & develop dapps and are business owners with a strong understanding of the industry and how it can be applied to businesses.


Professor Jamiel Sheikh is CEO of Chainhaus with over 15 years of experience with distributed computing, application development and complex large-scale enterprise solutions as a coder and architect. Jamiel currently runs one of the largest Blockchain Meetup groups in NYC and in the US with over 3k active enthusiasts. Chainhaus is an advisory and development firm that specializes in complex blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, tokenomics, decentralized applications, and marketing.

Jamiel is a graduate professor at NYU and CUNY, where he teaches performance management and data science respectively. He has an MBA from Columbia University, BBA from Baruch College and is completing an MS in Artificial Intelligence from Georgia Institute of Technology.

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/jamiel

Sign up for our upcoming Solidity, Vyper & Web3 training series: http://CryptoRockstar.io

The official NYC blockchain community: http://meetup.com/blockchainNYC

Join our super active community and jump into the buzz with additional events and classes: http://chainhaus.eventbrite.com

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Date and Time


MIT National

One Penn Plaza

34th floor

New York, NY 10019

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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