4 Weekends Virtual LIVE Online Only SharePoint Developer Training Course

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4 Weekends SharePoint Developer Training| Instructor-led and guided training being delivered February 5, 2022 - February 27, 202 US Pacific

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4 Weekends SharePoint Developer training is a 4 weekends long Instructor-led and guided training with Practical Hands-On Lab exercises to be taught over 16 hours, 2 sessions per weekend, 2 hours per session.

  • This course is for beginners who would like to learn SharePoint development.
  • The medium of instruction is English.
  • All Published Ticket Prices are in US Dollars.

4 Weekends SharePoint Developer Training Course Schedule

Features and Benefits

  • 4 weekends, 8 sessions, 16 hours of total Instructor-led and guided training
  • Training material, instructor handouts and access to useful resources on the cloud provided
  • Practical Hands-on Lab exercises provided
  • Actual code and scripts provided
  • Real-life Scenarios

Course Objectives

  • Understanding high-level Architecture of Web Portal.
  • Create intranet portal with advance features.
  • Work independently with implementing new components.
  • In-depth knowledge of various elements.
  • Developing custom background jobs to execute tasks.
  • Prepare SharePoint Environment and Install SharePoint Farm.
  • Working on SharePoint installation, implementation, Configuration, etc.


What are the prerequisites to learn SharePoint?  

  • Computer knowledge
  • Any Programming Language or .NET
  • OOPS Concept
  • DBMS and SQL Concepts

 Who can take this Course?

Any working professional who is interested in learning SharePoint.


Course Outline

1. Introduction to SharePoint

• Introduction to SharePoint

• Introduction to Windows SharePoint Server

• Introduction to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

• Other Key SharePoint Development Areas

2. SharePoint Web application site collection creations

• SharePoint Site Collection Overview

• Creating a Site and Sub Site

• Managing site collection owners

• Managing Security site level

3. Working Web Parts

• What is the Web part.

• Types of Web parts

• Out of the box web Parts and Custom web parts

• Out of the box webparts

• What is out-of-the-box web parts.

• Discuss with new out-of-the-box web parts

• How to use out of the box web part in the application/site collection

4. Custom Web parts

• Types of Custom web parts

• Different ways to develop the custom we parts

• Develop the web Part using web part template

• Develop the web part using Visual web part template

5. What is the list and document library

• What is the Document library

• What is the list

• Types of Document library and list in SharePoint

• How to create the list

• How to create document library

• Diff between list and document library

• Enabling Check-In/Check-Out

• Permissions in list /document library level

• Enabling Notifications

• Information Management Policies

6. Advanced List Concepts

• Manipulating Lists and List Items Programmatically

• Lists and Cross-site queries

• Events

• Custom Field Types

7. Permission in SharePoint

• Level of permissions in Sharepoint

• Types of permissions in SharePoint

• Managing permissions in Site level

• Managing Permissions in Doc/List Level

• Managing Permissions in Folder and Item Level.

8. Navigation

• Type Navigation Settings

• Customizing Navigation

• Performing Simple and Advanced Searches

• Using Keywords and Best Bets

9. SharePoint Designer Concepts

• What is the SharePoint Designer

• Types of SharePoint Designer Versions

• How to Create List and Libraries using SharePoint Designer

• Customize the SharePoint Pages using SharePoint Designer

• How to create new SharePoint pages using Designer.

10. Master Pages

• What is the Master Page

• Types of Master pages for SharePoint

• How to Create our Own Master Page using SharePoint Designer

• Customize the Master pages

• How to create web part page using SharePoint designer

• How to apply a master page to Normal.ASPX page

11. Styles sheets and Themes in SharePoint

• What is the style sheet

• How to develop own style sheet

• Register style sheet for SharePoint master pages

• Customize Menu/Navigation using style sheet.

12. Manage the permissions using Sharepoint designer

• Create Subsites using designer

• Create SharePoint group to manage the permissions

• How to create custom site column and list column using SharePoint designer

13. SharePoint Feature

• What is the SharePoint Feature

• Scope of SharePoint feature

• How to Develop SharePoint Feature using Visual studio

• How to implement javascript in SharePoint feature

• Varies levels implement the SharePoint feature

14. Object models in SharePoint

• What is Object model

• Types of Object model

• What is Server side object model

• What is Client side object model

• Types of Client side object models in sharepoint

15. Server side Object Model(SSOM)

• What is Server side object model

• How to implement SSOM using visual studio

• Examples of Server side object model

16. CAML Concepts

• What is CAML

• How to using CAML in Server-side object model

• How to generate CAML Queries using u2u CAML builder.

• Examples of Server-side object model

17. Client-side object model

• What is client side object model

• Types of client-side object model introduced by MS for SharePoint

• .NET managed object model

• JSOM client-side object model

• Silverlight object model

18. .NET managed object model

• What is .NET managed object model

• Real-time examples of .NET managed object model

• Implement .NET managed model using Visual webpart.

• Implement .NET managed object model using Windows forms.

19. JAVA Script Client-side Object model(JSOM)

• What JSOM

• How to implement JSOM using Visual studio

• How JSOM works in SharePoint

• Advantages of JSOM


• What is the event

• Types of events

• Types of event receivers

• What is synchronous events

• What is asynchronous events

• How to apply events for site collection/site/list/document/items

21. Application pages

• Types of pages in sharepoint

• What the Sharepoint Site pages

• What is application pages

• What are difference between application pages and site sites

• How to create application pages using visual studio

22. Workflow

• Workflow Basics

• What is workflow

• Types of workflow in SharePoint

• Out-of-the-box workflows

• Visual studio workflows

23. SharePoint Designer Workflow Configuration

• How to install Workflow components and configuration

• Workflow component(workflow manager/Workflow client) installation

• Workflow configuration

• Implement workflow using sharepoint designers

24. App Configuration

• How to configure the apps for on premises SharePoint environment

• How to use could computing apps for SharePoint application

• How O- authentication protocol using app development

25. APP Development

• Types of apps in SharePoint

• How to develop the apps using visual studio

• How to host the apps in SharePoint

• How to using hosted apps for SharePoint application

26. Microsoft SharePoint Search Configuration

• What is the search

• How to configure the search in SharePoint

• Search web part

• What is the advance search

• How advanced search works

• Search web parts

• Customize the search

• What is the crawls

• Types of crawls in SharePoint

• Types of components in sharepoint search

• Search architecture

27. Business Data Connectivity services

• Configuring the BDC

• Connecting to External Databases

• Using the BCS Web Parts

28. Excel Services

• Configuring Excel Services

• Using the Excel Web Parts

29. Managed meta data services(MMS)

• What is MMS

• What is Term set

• How to configure the MMS ins SharePoint

• How to Define Terms in SharePoint

• How to use MMS terms for SharePoint application

30. Backup and restore operations

• How to perform backup and restore operations for site collections using Powershell

• How to use PowerShell cmds for comman SharePoint tasks

• PowerShell scripts

• What is WSP

• How to deploy WSP file using PowerShell

• Activate the SharePoint features using PowerShell

31. Migration

• What is migration

• How to migration site using standard process(using power shell)

• How to take content DB backup in sqlserver

• Mount and unmounts DB’s using PowerShell

• Migrate the site from SharePoint to office 365 using share gate tool

32. Could Computing

• What is cloud computing

• Service levels of cloud computing

• Types of cloud for Microsoft.

33. Office 365 concepts(SharePoint Online)

• What is SharePoint Online

• How to create site in sharepoint online

• Perform SharePoint online activities using PowerShell.

• Power apps in SharePoint online

• Apps for sharepoint online

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Online event

Refund policy

Refunds up to 1 day before event

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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