2022 Virtual P.R.A.Y. Emblem Classes

2022 Virtual P.R.A.Y. Emblem Classes

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Online event

Welcome to the registration site for the 2022 Virtual P.R.A.Y. Religious Emblems Program.

About this event

Please read these instructions carefully. All classes are happening through Zoom.

Each Student needs to register for a separate ticket for this event. If you have two or more for the same emblem in your house, they are welcome to be on the same device as each other for classes, but they do need to register separately. Each house needs a parent/guardian on the device with them for Youth Protection purposes.

Class Tickets: This is the ticket that signs you up for all the classes for that grade level program. If you miss a class, you are expected to make up the work as a family before the next class session. Once you have confirmed a ticket for a grade level program, be sure to head to your Scout Shop or www.praypub.org to order the Student Workbook for that grade level program. We also encourage the parent/guardian to use the Mentor program.

Counselor Tickets: Each of the grade level programs are being broken down into class sizes of 8-10 students. If you would like to serve as a Counselor for a class breakout, we would love your help. Choose the Counselor Ticket for the grade level you would like to teach, and we will follow up with you.

Pastor Review Tickets: The God & Church and the God & Life Students will all need to select a Pastor Review Ticket for their choice of assigned Review times. The other grade level programs will all do their Pastor Reviews during their last class session together. (If you want to use your own Pastor, chose the Own Pastor Review Ticket).

Program Flyers are available here: https://dutytogodbsa.org/portfolio/2022-virtual-religious-emblems-programs/

Questions: reach out to us at dutytogodbsa@gmail.com.

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