2021-23 Indigenous Global Unity Summit

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2021-23 Indigenous Global Unity Summit

A weekly platform for presenting Indigenous perspectives related to the AHIABGA process of Glocalizing the SDGs and other relevant subjects

By UnityNet International

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Starts on Thursday, June 17, 2021 · 8am PDT



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The Global Unity Network, supported by AHIABGA - PARXTC and platforms such as eZ-XPO, had introduced this weekly platform during the 2nd Sunlight Spectacle 2021 event on June 10th, 2021 that began this weekly series of discussions that will allow indigenous people and their supporters from Turtle Island to connect with other indigenous communities and people from around the world in order to have frank conversations and be given an opportunity to present and discuss their own personal and collective perspectives and ideas related to the AHIABGA process of Glocalizing the SDGs and other relevant subjects that they believe are important matters for all World Citizens to know or be aware of -- and particularly for YOUTH and All future Leaders in both the Developed world and, especially in the Developing world to understand, so that the next generation of Leaders do not repeat our mistakes, especially as humanity collectively enters the Decade of Action to Deliver the Sustainable Development Goals (the current "SDG Period"), which is only the second 15 year timeframe of the MDG's (the "Millennium Development Goals"), which refers to the original Thousand Year Plan for achieving Peace on Earth through a fundamental transformation of humanity from "Homo Confligiere" to "Homo Amore Universalis".

Subjects of discussion related to the journey that humanity is taking toward achieving true "World Peace" and Unity as "Global citizens" may range from Mental Health, Recovery from Trauma, Finance, Leadership, Humanitarian Advocacy, Breaking the Cycles of Uncertainty, Navigating the “new normal”, Expanding our Collective and Individual Horizons in understanding our Interconnectedness, Care and Protection of Mother Earth and Each Other, and Bridging the unique Challenges of the 21st Century.

Discussions can also include how government and communities can collectively work with individuals across multiple sectors of our societies so that we can come together and rise to the occasion, such that will be able to face all of our many challenges simultaneously, inclusively, and sustainably and with creative, impactful solutions that are discovered through respectful, inclusive, empathetic and genuine conversations among members of communities and that extend all the way down to the lowest "grass-roots" levels, but that also extend beyond one’s own community in an effort to bridge the many geographical, political, institutional, commercial, religious, language and cultural barriers and borders that too often separate us as Human Beings.

Events will take place on a weekly basis every week on Thursday.

These events were to be broadcast for 50 weeks in Total (up until the week of "Africa Day", May 25th 2022), but will now take place at least until *the end of 2023* (December), ensuring that we align our efforts with those of the UN Global Compact 2021-23 Vision.

Ref: Policy Document (2021):

"A [new] strategy that spells out our ambition to accelerate and scale the global collective impact of business by upholding the Ten Principles and delivering the SDGs through accountable companies and ecosystems that enable change."


Streamed on:

Encounter Think Tank Action Team on the Sustainable Development Goals


Please also feel free to join in the discussion. Connect by Zoom here!

Topic: Indigenous Global Unity Summit Strategy Sessions

Time: Every week on Thursday morning Toronto Time (until May 19, 2022)

(Summer hours*) Starting at:

  • 08:00 AM Pacific (UTC-8), including Los Angeles, California*
  • 10:00 pm CT (UTC-6), including Chicago, Illinois*
  • 11:00 am ET (UTC-5), including Washington, D.C., Toronto*
  • 12:00 pm (noon) UTC-4, Hamilton, Bermuda
  • 3:00 pm GMT, including London, UK / Accra, Ghana
  • 4:00 pm UTC+1, including Lagos, Nigeria
  • 5:00 pm UTC+2, including Johannesburg, South Africa
  • 6:00 pm UTC+3, including Nairobi, Kenya
  • 7:00 pm UTC+4, including Oman and Dubai, UAE
  • 8:00 pm UTC+5, including Islamabad, Pakistan
  • 8:30 pm UTC+5.5, including New Delhi, India
  • 11:00pm UTC+8, including China, Taiwan, Philippines

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The Global Unity Network is delivering Education, Training and Awareness-raising programs in cooperation with the Global Unity Business Group, which is networked through an international “Unity Gardens” Network that is also helping to establish Victory and Unity teams in local communities, worldwide. These local teams engage with local citizens, including local youth, educators, decision-makers and other community members through periodic, purposeful events that focus on the delivery of learning programs and exchanges that help local Humanitarian Entrepreneurs establish various types of local Humanitarian Enterprises in their own local communities, where the local Humanitarian Entrepreneurs are also supported and empowered to achieve success through their membership in an international network of glocal networks.

Global Unity Network on eZ-XPO:


Unity Gardens Network:


Unity Learning Network:



The Regenerative Living Learning and Lifestyle Network


UnityNet International is a Humanitarian Enterprise and Global Sustainable and Regenerative Development Corporation Supporting and Promoting the local delivery of Open Source Regenerative Climate Smart Infrastructure set up as LIFE Learning Gardens.

We are leveraging a unique process for “gLocalizing” the delivery and achievement of the Global Goals, starting with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We are offering services that allow other companies who partner with us to make money doing what they do best while supporting the achievement of the Global Goals.

We are also leading the conversation and establishing a Virtual Collaborative Network (VCN) that uses the latest tools of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and that will help to support the global transition to a Productive Compassionate Collaborative Regenerative Economy (#CCRE) that Leaves No One Behind (#LNOB).

We are managing a Global Unity Network of gLocalized:

INAB Collaborative local community engagement teams


• Regional, National and "Continental" UnityNet gLocal business development networks.

We are also supporting and working in partnership with the UnityNet Programmes (Events, Projects and Campaigns) of the "Global Unity Network" organizations (Chapters and Nodes) that have been established by people from around the world that deliver various Projects, Campaigns and Events such as:

Tree of Peace and Reconciliation tree planting Ceremonies

Sunlight Spectacle Virtual Edutainment & Shows

• Coordinated International Bubble Fun Festivals



"Andrew Networks", which can be accessed via www.AHIABGA.org is a brand (and domain name) owned by PARXTC Export Trading Company, comprising various social media channels including Nokore TV Network (www.nwn.tv) properties such as TRN.tv International News and Universal Citizens Media Network.

Conversations with Andrew Williams Jr, the AJ Action Team, and the EncounterThinkTank group.

Drawdown Markham aims to develop a locally relevant program to generate enough activity to create a hub of Drawdown activity in York Region and the GTA.

• We intend on developing partnerships with people, organizations, companies and local governments who are committed to actions that will achieve Drawdown. We help to connect you with other change makers, and galvanize local action with a new sense of optimism and agency. ​

The Drawdown Initiative of the Pachamama Alliance is a program to increase public awareness and engagement in the movement to reverse global warming.


To educate and empower our local Community in Markham, Ontario to take Action, with the goal of achieving Drawdown or "net zero" CO2 emissions by 2050 or before by encouraging and facilitating community members and local organizations, institutions and businesses to implement actionable on-the-ground projects that either reduce CO2 emissions or, preferably, actively sequester carbon (and help to put us on a path toward reversing Global Warming).


A City where all of the residents, businesses and community organizations in Markham are not only prepared for the consequences of Climate Change, but are also actively doing their part to help achieve Drawdown through local, regional and other actions that help to reduce emissions of and/or sequester carbon and contribute to Climate Action (SDG#13).


Helping to facilitate creation of a Local Community Climate Action Hub in the City of Markham for the purpose of teaching residents about how to take Climate Action at the local level and help to build resilience into their communities.

Action Statement:

Drawdown Markham’s role in Markham is to:

• Enhance multi-stakeholder efforts by promoting partnerships and bridging efforts across sectors in support of taking local (and regional) Climate Action


  • Climate Change Solutions Education and Training Hub


Drawdown Markham is a working project of Science for Peace CoSWoG: https://scienceforpeace.ca/working-groups/community-sustainability/

WE-Energime-Global Cooperation Turtle Island is an organization that is focused on Life value Peace Education.

Our overarching message is Simple: Everybody wants to -- and LOVES to -- collaborate!

Mission: To transform the human mindset, and therefore our relationships, from one that is focused on conflict and competition to one that is focused on peace and cooperation.

We do Education toward Awakening Dreamers, with the goal of affecting changes in our modern culture toward the creation of a 'tipping point' in our collective Culture, such that people fully recognize life value as being above and (far) more important than 'money' value.

WE-Energime-GC-TI is focused on Life Value Peace Education for the purpose of facilitating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (for ALL countries and people of this Earth, as well as All our relations), leaving no one behind.

We are a movement about JOY -- enjoyment of the things in life that are actually important -- like the "sparkle in people's eyes".

We have a Long line Vision to awaken possibility in other people, make other people powerful, and open up the "Cosmic Laughter" so that we can all get "A's" in Life!

We are inventing something that will light up EVERYONE's life and 'Move the goalposts' by telling STORIES, that engage, fascinate and radiate possibility for a truly better future and encourage direct action within our own communities to make that better future a reality.

What are the WE-Energime-GC T-I Projects?

We create LIFE Learning Gardens. Within these gardens we intend to demonstrate that it is possible that human behavior, through the introduction of more coherent and inclusive ideas, and through the adoption of a holistic, nature-based knowledge-centric vision of the mind, can be "unplugged" and "re-programmed" in such a way that people's lives moving forward can positively effect the changes that are necessary in order to create the better world that we all know is possible.

The goal is human consciousness 2.0, such that human individuals are capable of relating to all living things as if part of us.


A Project of the Science for Peace Community Sustainability Working Group (CoSWoG)


We are the global headquarters of the Five Points Youth Foundation, a Los Angeles-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works to revitalize communities in south LA that have undergone economic, environmental and social decline.

We are here to change the world. Our programs emphasize neighborhood empowerment, economic development, social entrepreneurship and civic engagement, utilizing concepts of regenerative design and sustainability to enhance and make positive change in the world around us.

Whereas the highest aim of sustainable development is to satisfy fundamental human needs today without compromising the possibility of future generations to satisfy theirs, the end-goal of regenerative design is to redevelop systems with absolute effectiveness, which support the co-evolution of the human species along with other thriving species


​​Edfu Foundation Inc. is an Indigenous Non-Government Organization with Consultative Status within the United Nations. We view structural violence as public health issue and as a worldwide crisis for not just indigenous peoples but all beings. We are dedicated to the public health and progress of the human family. Specifically; but not exclusively for "black" women and children the most marginalized of all groups.

Our purpose is to eliminate racism & structural violence through education; advocating for social and economic equality, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability. We are actively trying to create solutions and solve the problems that our community is facing. If you are interested in partnering with us please fill out the Partner request form.


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eZ-Xpo is a global Digital Transformation leader in delivering all-in-one Virtual Collaborative Network solutions for all business industries.


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The SouLA Collective partners with major corporations, using a Shared Prosperity Model, to increase their revenue streams by up to 20%.  

We deliver consumers that have been ignored by businesses because of racism, sexism, gender bias, ageism, or poverty. We also leverage our relationships in Africa to help fulfill the Global Compact requirements of the United Nations in the African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA).”

SouLA Colletive's focus areas are:

  • Green/Sustainability & FoodTech,
  • Marketing & Entertainment
  • Business Incubation
  • Finance/Operations
  • Cannabis/CBD
  • Community Development,
  • Empowerment, & Sustainability
  • Education & Workforce Development


Cycle of Success

Our Mission

The objective is to develop the resources and the infrastructure that are necessary to identify early stage opportunities, and then assist client companies in the process of monetizing it in the marketplace they serve.

The company’s goal is to provide the infrastructure that creates the maximum probability for commercial success.

The company is developing its model to mirror those that have been established by such companies as Garage.Com, Vulcan Ventures, CMGI, and IdeaLabs, where initial investment, incubation, and development through to profitability are a coordinated effort among all of the participants.

The company believes that we can provide substantial long-term investment returns by accomplishing two complementary goals:

1. Reducing financial risk by selecting the appropriate projects.

2. Maximizing the success of the projects by developing the appropriate infrastructure around the projects.

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WAME - We Are Mother Earth


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Twitter: @motherearthintl

by: GTI Enterprises - www.gtienterprises.com FB/IG/Twitter @livegti



FB/IG @wearemotherearth

Twitter: @motherearthintl

by: GTI Enterprises - www.gtienterprises.com FB/IG/Twitter @livegti

About the organizer

Global Unity Network (#UnityNet) events are intended to facilitate #Regenerative #gLocalization by creating #Empowerment Networks for local #Regenerative Development Solutions Providers (#FFHE) in Local Communities, worldwide, with the #goal of assisting in the global #transition to a #gLocalized #Productive #CCRE that #LNOB as we approach the end of the Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs, 2015-2030).