1-37 AR Battalion Change of Command

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1-37 AR Battalion Change of Command

37th Armor Alumni (-) will honor the 1-37 AR Change of Command vicinity of Fort Bliss, Texas during the period 31 May - 1 June 2023.

By 37th Armor Regimental Alumni

When and where

Date and time

Starts on Wednesday, May 31 · 4pm MDT


Hotel Wyndham 2027 Airway Boulevard El Paso, TX 79925

About this event

On behalf of LTC Dick Mendenhall and LTC Kyle Trottier, you are invited to join us on Strike Field at 0900 on 01JUN23 for the Change of Command for the 1st Battalion, 37th Armored Regiment where LTC Mendenhall will relinquish command to LTC Trottier.


1. Situation: 37th Armor Battalions change Battalion Commanders every two years. 2023 is no exception. Both Fort Bliss 37th Armor Battalions (1-37 Amor and 2-37 Armor) will change Battalion Commanders in the Summer 2023.

2. Mission: 37th Armor Alumni (-) Conduct Operation Abrams Transition vicinity of Fort Bliss, Texas during the period 31 May – 8 June 2023 to reunite and witness the respective Battalion Changes of Command.

3. General Instructions:

a. 37th Armor Regimental Coordinator will be the Alumni POC.

b. Uniform for each event will be business casual.

c. Preferred Hotel information: Wyndham El Paso Airport Address: 2027 Airway Blvd. El Paso, TX 79925

Single/Double Room Suites available for $98 per night. Mention: 1-37 Armor or Block Code #053123ARM to receive rate. Last day to reserve is 05-17-23! Local Contact: Abby Moreno Contact #: 915-778-4241 to make a reservation with Front Desk! Email: amoreno@wyndhamelp.com

d. Deployment 31 May – 1 June for 1-37 Armor COC and 7-8 June 2023 for 2-37 Armor. Day 1 deployment and AA Activities vicinity of AA Abrams. Day 2 Battalion Change of Command at designated location and Redeployment.

e. On-Line Registration will be established for Alumni Members seeking to take part in either event to provide each Battalion an attendance roster.

f. Both events will be utilized for the purpose of a 37 Armor Alumni mini - reunion the night prior to the change of command vicinity of AA Abrams.

g. All information regarding this event will be published via www.courageconquers.com

4. Special instructions:

a. 1-37 Armor Alumni Change of Command Point of Contact is Kevin Seidl. Incoming Battalion Commander will be LTC Kyle Trottier who will be the 52nd Commander of 1-37 Armor.

b. 2-37 Armor Alumni Change of Command Point of Contact is Kevin Seidl.

c. Alumni will conduct Assembly Area Activities vicinity of AA Abrams D-1 1600-2000 Hours.

d. Alumni will conduct road march to Change of Command on D Day at designated time from AA Abrams.

e. Alumni will redeploy individually following the Change of Command Reception.

f. Further information regarding Operation Abrams Transition will be published via the website.

About the organizer

For All Veterans who ever served in the 37th Tank Battalion or any of the 37th Armor Battalions: 1-37 Armor, 2-37 Armor, 3-37 Armor and 4-37 Armor.  From Germany to Fort Riley… we made the difference. Courage Conquers!