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Winter Park Memorial Hospital

Winter Park, FL

(407) 646-7000

Open now
200 N Lakemont Ave Winter Park, FL, 32792
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  • Ronnie Bouse 16 days ago

    Winter park hospital is absolutely disgusting, they force people to take medication that they dont want to take, just to rack up that doctor bill. Absolutely the worst hospital I've ever been to, will never have anymore of my babys at this place. And the anesthesiologist is a sad excuse for a doctor can't take any type of criticism towards her "opinion" on her study that's not even proven bullet proof facts. Shes nothing but a drug pusher worse then ones that stand on the corner.

  • Amber Kalwasinski 43 days ago

    I am beyond words for this place!! I went there, told I sprained my foot.. to rest it with a ace bandage, then the pain continued on went back about two months after, they told me again it wasn’t broke.. put me on antibiotics for the swelling.. pain continued on.. today I went to a foot specialist, and in 2 minutes he found the break in my foot.. now I have to do cortisone shots, take an anti inflammatory, and cold laser treatment to try to fix it. If that doesn’t fix it, I will need surgery on my foot. Thanks for all the help winter park hospital!!! Won’t ever go back to you guys again!!

  • Jessica Juliano 54 days ago

    Well, if you ever have a weird mysterious illness that you need to go to the ER for, DO NOT EVER go to Florida Hospital Winter Park Memorial!!!!! First of all, they will ignore the symptoms that you think are a big deal, then they’ll try to treat and test you for something that definitely isn’t the problem, then they’ll try bandaid solutions like therapy for a problem they have absolutely no diagnosis or explanation for while not even trying to figure it out. Then they’ll tell you you need to stay at least two more weeks for inpatient physical therapy to get better while still not trying to find a diagnosis. After that and their inability to diagnose you due to ignoring everything you say and some of your obvious symptoms they’ll tell you it’s all in your head and throw you out on your ass while you still can’t walk!!!

  • Cj H 95 days ago

    No ER care here. No sense of urgency, no protocol, no process, no safety measures etc. Very inefficient and scary. It wasn't busy but there was still no help. Staff seemed inexperienced and disinterested. It's an "urgent care" at best. Would not stay here or leave a patient here under any circumstances without a family member or private care present 24/7. Had been to Orlando Health and should have insisted on being transported back there where they provided excellent care.

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