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  • Rob Valencourt 44 days ago

    Why 5 Stars, WELL READ ON!!!! If your search turns up a good review then always read the 1 - 2 stars first. Gets the bass news out of the way. Then go to the what the majority of the ppl feel which is why you found a high average. In this case a guy with a purely Caucasian name is calling the churchesch members gringos because their mission trip was too fluffy. Probably should have paid attention in the 10 meetings prior to departure. Also if kids/ families went on the trip then common sense. You might want to go on a trip with no kids. That is where you will find those kind of mission trips. Another guy said he went there & served there for years in various ministries. Sat on the front row, & was part of baptism ministry, even occasional usher. Yet when he was out sick for weeks no one ever contacted him or came by to check on him. It's as though he wasn't even missed at all. Huh, a church is not the pastor it's the ppl, ppl make friends, Friends miss friends. Obviously dude didn't make any friends!!! He called them fake... sounds like he was the one being FAKE!!! God's house is the wrong place for that, I would call you brother, but I question that right now. Bible says by their fruits 🍉 we will know them. Not feeling peachy about this guy. 🍑 A couple gave 1 stars & called it a cult??? Come on ppl. These same ppl can probably be found on most church websites across the US. For the guy who said there was enough talk about remission of sin. 90% of the adult ppl attending church are born again Christians. *****NEWS FLASH***** Its not a Pastor's job to preach just the gospel only. The flock need fed from what God gives the Pastor to speak each week. I don't want a message brought by man, I want one brought by the Holy Spirit for the Pastor/Shepard to speak that helps the flock to be fed, led, comforted, taught how to avoid the wolves & the evil one, So if some of you are looking for the perfect Church, well the Church is the ppl & the pastor is just the Shepard. Jesus is the perfect Shepherd & we won't be perfect until he returns & perfects us. So some of y'all need to: 1. Pay Attention 2. Stop Being so Fake Yourself 3. Be Patient there is no Perfect Church - If you find it don't join it cause you'll ruin it!!!

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