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Willard's Parlour of Mystery

Arlington, VA

(571) 327-1351

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4238 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA, 22203 |
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  • Darryl Baylor 9 days ago

    Way too crowded. No parking. Good for foot traffic only.

  • Alexandra Bieniek 36 days ago

    Currently the mall is a mess. It can take me anywhere from 5 to 15 min to reach the gym, via the ONLY working elevator. Forget walking along side the mall, it's impossible. From what I know there are a minimum of 5 months, left til it is complete. Hopeful that the car traffic is addressed, a more convenient path to the gym is made, and better retailers are established. Overall want this reno to be done. But still excited to see the new "quaters" no longer "commons"

  • Marielle Roberts 62 days ago

    There is no mall. Macey's is open. Parking is fine getting in and out. They are down to 1 elevator and it's hard to walk out of the parking structure. There are no signs with the construction everywhere. Be very careful in heels ladies.

  • Anne Rebull 78 days ago

    The construction here makes it very difficult for handicapped individuals to access the doors easily, the elevators weren't all running and there were very long waits and NO stairs to use as an alternative. The icing on the cake of our experience, though, was that the heat, in December, was completely broken in the theaters. We were so uncomfortable, we had to leave. The stars here represent both the quick service we received at the box office getting refunds, and the responsiveness of the security guard in communicating our complaints to the building manager. The staff is trying, but the construction work was poorly planned and made our visit literally intolerable.

  • Kendra Hudgins 199 days ago

    I have been coming to this mall off and on since 1994. I do not live in Arlington-we are here for work. Not too much has changed. In 2010, I started going to Ballston with our children. It is a nice place to walk to from our hotel. The mall is FINALLY being renovated and has been closed for some time. It is supposed to be finished and open again by the time we visit next June. I am excited to see the changes.

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