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Wildlife In Need, Inc.

Charlestown, IN

(812) 256-3894

Closed now
3320 Jack Teeple Rd Charlestown, IN, 47111
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  • Katie Michal 23 days ago

    Any facility that tells people animal welfare groups and accredited sanctuaries are “out to get them” is not a good sign. These are WILD animals with WILD instincts. They bite and scratch. I personally knew a woman who was bitten by a monkey at a roadside zoo. She was taken to the hospital and the monkey was confiscated by the CDC and put down to test for rabies. Credible zoos and sanctuaries NEVER allow the public to handle animals for this very reason. It’s not safe for the people OR the animals. Not to mention it is a legal liability unless their guests sign a waiver. They are the legal owners of these animals, and therefore, they are legally responsible if their animals harm people and can be sued. This is also why they resort to cruel practices such as declawing and filing down or removing animals’ teeth, which leads to painful lifelong deformities. Animals born in captivity are doomed to live in cages for the rest of their lives. Wildlife In Need is a backyard breeder that speed breeds animals so that people will pay money to take photos and play with the babies. That is exploitation, not conservation. It’s not a non-profit to make money to feed your own exotic “pets”. For example, Wildlife In Need has produced dozens of baby tigers over the years. These tigers have no conservation value because they are a hybrid mix of various species (such as Bengal and Siberian) that can never be released into the wild where they belong. Wildlife In Need tries to silence the voices of people who speak out against them. However, blocking people on social media is not going to stop the truth from coming out. It already is. First it was their biggest money-maker, “Tiger Baby Playtime”. I truly believe that one day the entire facility will be shut down. You’re right, Wildlife In Need. It is unfair for us to judge you without visiting your facility. We’ll leave that up to the federal judge :)

  • Linda Elsmore 28 days ago

    My daughter and granddaughter and I visited last weekend. We had a great time. I want to thank everyone for being so nice as it was a bit long for my granddaughter to sit thru. We will definitely go back. We need to make a reservation earlier in the day as I think she would of enjoyed it more after her nap in the morning.

  • Matt Branham 54 days ago

    The facilities appeared to be adequate. The animals seemed to be well taken care of. I believe the majority of the staff are volunteers and they were friendly. The cub encounter my fiancee and I had was awesome. I would repeat for sure

  • Shannon Blackburn 81 days ago

    This was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I'm completely blown away by this facility and the amazing owner and volunteers! I realize there are facilities that give these types of rescue centers a bad name and that's a damn shame. The animals here are healthy, happy, everything was CLEAN! Well taken care of, and a genuine passion for the cause. I'm in love with this place and everyone I know will be visiting it to support them... You guys are incredible

  • Tamela Hunt 115 days ago

    We were fortunate to attend a few years ago. We loved learning about all the animals and loved interacting with them. All the staff were knowledgeable and helpful. The animals were having fun and went from person to person. Staff were always alert and watched everyone and every animal. Our experience was amazing and very informative. We were just talking about going again when we came across some of the reviews and wanted to post ours as well.

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