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Wildlife In Need, Inc.

Charlestown, IN

(812) 256-3894

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3320 Jack Teeple Rd Charlestown, IN, 47111
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  • jason morgan 46 days ago

    Amazing experience. Spent an evening here . I recommend if you don't have kids to do the adult only show. It's a little later but we'll worth it. Great staff as well.

  • katie Burnett 60 days ago

    These people are just thieves. They basically just decided to close their facility the day that I was to go, kept my money and told me it was a donation. Well, it's not a donation just because you say so. I do not think that it is unreasonable to expect the services that I was promised and PAID FOR. Their customer service has been terrible through out this whole experience including when I was ordering the tickets. The only response that I have received have been anonymous emails that only answer one of my questions. Please do not support these people. I decided to overlook all of the terrible reviews and make my own decision but I wish I would have listed to my gut. Donate your money elsewhere! I know I will be. PS. WIN all of your responses to the above reviews are worthless. You didn't address a single concern. Give me my money back or just keep your comments to yourself!

  • Jason Mathis 71 days ago

    Please do your research before visiting this place. They have been cited multiple times by the USDA for violations of the Federal Animal Welfare Act. The USDA reports are public and you can view them online if you'd like. They confirm that this organization abuses the animals they claim to help. Multiple news sources (USA Today, IndyStar, Fox59) have published stories about this place. Please read them! I'm sure this review will get a sassy, defensive, and passive-aggressive response from a staff member (as other negative reviews have), which should be another red flag, in my opinion. If you truly want to help wildlife, promoting human interaction with the animals is not the way to do it. There are plenty of sanctuaries that don't make money by overworking and exploiting their animals. Please consider giving to one of those. It's not worth the photo opp. This place is a zoo, not a rescue organization.

  • kyla ahsan 107 days ago

    I really got to enjoying being with all different types of animals but there was one issue that I was not too happy about!! OK you get to take pictures with different animals but the main one's are the Tigers well, it was exciting but nervous at the same time!! But remember this, you have to use your own phone or camera for your photos but they don't tell you when their ready to take the pictures!!! At this point my husband and I both gave our phones to the girls that didn't tell us anything but then on the top of that just went ahead and took pictures that I was looking the opposite way and my husband looking the other way!! All this is to say you get to charge 20.00 or more but not make your money worth for the most amazing part of the trip.

  • Ryan Ellis 155 days ago

    One of the other reviewers said it best: this is a roadside attraction disguised as an organization that helps animals. The owner said himself that his dream as a child was to run his own zoo, and this place is simply his way to manifest that dream; they breed lion cubs and buy exotic animals, simply to throw in a cage and charge people a fee(what they call a "donation") to look at them. I will say that nothing I saw at the facility screamed animal abuse, the handlers seemed to care for the animals and the facility seemed sanitary enough. It's a neat opportunity to get up close with lion cubs, but everyone should be aware of what this place really is before they go, so they don't leave with a guilty conscious like I did.

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