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Whole Foods Market Tampa

Tampa, FL

(813) 348-1200

Open now
1548 North Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, FL, 33607
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  • Annalise Mabe 4 days ago

    I don't know her name, but the woman who helped me at this Whole Foods was an angel. I was already having sort of a bad day, and she patiently helped me find this specific type of oat flour (we bake healthy goods for dogs at local markets). When I asked their price (because budgets) she checked and didn't find the item in the system. She gave me a few packages for free and it totally made my day. This was the nicest customer service I've encountered in a while and I wish I could tell her thank you again.

  • John Fleeber 9 days ago

    Great store. Great organic options. Groceries and dinner all in one. Great salad bar and hot bar. Deli too. Anything you need. Staff is always top notch.

  • Larry the Table Guy 24 days ago

    I am really excited too looking forward to the changes that Amazon will make since they have purchased them. I have already started seeing some discounts for Prime members, because the only reason I shop there was for their hot and cold bar which is really amazing. But if the prices continue to drop I will be happy to spend more money here.

  • Review Guru 31 days ago

    I came in 5 minutes before the store closed. The salad bar was already closed and I just needed a single portion of ranch for a vegetable dipper that i picked up. I didn't feel like grabbing the whole bottle of ranch, because I am flying back to IL tmrw, so I was going to give up the dipper, since it had no dressing with. My last hope was to ask a store associate that was nearby for help. His name is IAN. We didn't find single portioned dressings anywhere, however IAN was quick on his feet, went to salad bar area, found a bottle of ranch and made me a "to go cup" with ranch. I shop in Whole Foods in Illinois often. Associates are always helpful and knowledgeable, I never left a review for Whole Foods YET - but this was BEYOND customer service!!! This was a real desire to help me out, not as a professional, but as a human being. A salad lady had to go home and close, so I got no help there. He wasn't just being polite and doing his job. He could fairly say that Whole Foods doesn't have single portioned dressings and that would still be doing his job, instead he went out of his way, delayed himself helping me out to find a bunch of other things and frankly MADE MY DAY. If management is reading this, take a closer look at him, I think people like that would do great in management! I hope guys get rewarded somehow for being real good people and providing outstanding service when everyone is just trying to close and get out....

  • bourque amanda 36 days ago

    I rarely shop here. A bit pricey. A plate at the hot bar can easily cost you $20 so watch put for heavy items like meat or potatoes. Amazon Prime members get extra savings through the Whole Foods app.

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