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1817 Thomasville Rd Tallahassee, FL, 32303
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  • Joseph Phalouka 23 days ago

    A bit pricey but they have good products that are a healthier choice.

  • ink spot 63 days ago

    Everything is great but soooo expensive.

  • Angela Spicer 139 days ago

    Friendly employees, a wide selection of vegan and vegetarian food, and an overall enjoyable experience.

  • Daniel Pineau 194 days ago

    Whole Foods is a chain - I know. But, like various establishments previously locating themselves in TLH, it serves (to me) as an index of how very little is unavailable within our great city. (Pardon me for sounding like the chamber of commerce, but as my YELP tangling shows, I am TLH's biggest fan). I don't know of a better cheesemonger. Sure, you could order from Murray's if Whole Foods didn't have a particular cheese - but it's unlikely that they don't, and... If they didn't, you'd be better served just ordering through Whole Foods. The butcher is about as close as it gets to a standalone butcher. I don't know whether they're purveying sides of hog or beef, of if its all coming prepped from the big whole foods source in the region, but regardless, the cuts look healthy and fresh - and corpulent in their own right! I noticed yesterday that our butcher here has added Moroccan lamb skewers to the lineup - they've traditionally carried Greek and Turkish skewers. Adding the Moroccan ones just expands an already good thing. The buffet lineup, while costly, is very good. I do notice a substantial price gap between new leaf and whole foods, albeit with a tremendous gap in choices. Whole foods dwarfs new leaf's line (understandably) in quantity - but not quality. I put them on the same par. What I really enjoy about this whole foods (and I suspect it's part of an overarching corporate culture of rapid community integration/involvement) is the appreciative nod to the former Miracle 5 Theatre, retaining the signage from when they closed down. That's very nice. Whole Foods - spend the same amount here as you would at your own regular grocery store - eat more sensibly - and far better.

  • jessica gonz 1014 days ago

    I have been to this new Whole Foods many times now and I love it! I'm a fan of Whole Foods stores in general but this one is really clean and I always get awesome service. Employees are always asking if I need help with anything. The other day I went there and was looking for mango. I asked one of the guys working if they were any good at the moment. Not only was he super friendly he actually offered to cut one up for me to try! I thought that was so nice and I ended up buying a few. Produce always looks so great and I love the friendly people!

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