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Whole Foods Market / Preston Forest

Dallas, TX

(214) 361-8887

Closed now
11700 Preston Rd #714 Dallas, TX, 75230
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  • Rich Rosenfeld 13 days ago

    Reliable source of organic vegetables and humanely raised meat; also sustainable seafood.

  • Rosa Alcazar 24 days ago

    Thank you Jerald !! Always helping me out with any questions. Hes so attentive and greets my family and I with a smile . Give the man a promotion !!

  • Janis Levy 25 days ago

    I've lowered my rating to 4 stars from 5. Oh, they have a great selection and all. But customer service is not as good as it was. Better at the Arlington, TX store.

  • Carol Grinage 52 days ago

    Overall, this is a good store. The rudeness at the prepared foods counter was too much this weekend for me when the woman who helped with the pizza argued workers were too busy to say we'll be right with you and instead chose to ignore two customers. Yes, she argued. We (me and another customer) were so blatantly ignored that I took out my cell phone to call store management for assistance. I received help (if you call arguing with a customer help) as I was about to make the call.

  • Leigh Ann 96 days ago

    I normally shop at another Whole Foods in the Dallas area but happened to be driving by the Preston Forest location so dropped in to pick up a few things. From the lady I asked where to find my coffee beans, the barista at the coffee bar and to the smiling young man that rung up my purchase, I was very happy to encounter such a friendly staff at this busy location on a Saturday late afternoon. Keep hiring people that enjoy their job Whole Foods. You've done great with your Saturday crew!

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