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8190 Park Lane Dallas, TX, 75231
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  • Aleksei Vashchenko 20 days ago

    Some of the products I like are out of stock sometimes, otherwise, this location gets better each year.

  • Mika Choudhary 37 days ago

    Had a great experience at this location Sunday, Dec 4th, 2016. I wanted the oreo vegan cake at the bakery counter but I was about to leave for a flight and couldn't bring an entire cake to the airport. The lady working there helped me find some easy-to-go vegan alternatives but I was pretty disappointed that I wouldnt get to try to vegan oreo cake (which I've never seen in Canada). It was also my birthday that day. So she went to the back and asked around and the staff actually cut the cake so I could buy a few pieces instead of the whole thing! I couldn't tell you how happy I was! I'd like to thank the great staff at Whole Foods who made sure I had a good birthday before I flew back to Canada!

  • Joma Vava 58 days ago

    The salad bar is excellent. The warm bar needs lots of improvement.

  • stvmaf8a 109 days ago

    One day I decided to go to this store,to buy some fresh mangos. Also I went to buy some organic cereal. So then I went to pay for my items I bought. So I pay with my Bank Of America debit card and it was declined. So the young female cashier that works there ,looks at me with a angry face. The look on her face just tell me,that she doesn't like me in her store. The only reason my card was declined. It was only because of insufficient funds.

  • Sarah Via 153 days ago

    Cashier at the coffee counter couldn't scan an item I was trying to buy, and apparently didn't want to manually enter the code, so she asked me to go get another one from the shelf. I said it was fine and that I didn't need to buy it, then she proceeded to ask if I could "just do her a fatty fave and go put it back" after I paid. A fatty fave. No.

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