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4021 Hillsboro Pike Nashville, TN, 37215
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  • Steve Brubaker 45 days ago

    Standard Health food and Organic food here. The Food Bar/Salad Bar is very big and often fresh, but I have found from time to time there is one item that may need to be changed because of freshness. The dressing adds lots of weight to the salads, so since you pay buy the weight is good to note this and don't add too much dressing. Lot of different coffees available, but often the "Local" coffee is not so good, stick to what you know.

  • Amelia Rousseau 54 days ago

    I love this Whole Foods. Excellent quality meats and produce. Friendly staff. Good parking. A bit pricey but you get what you pay for. Good options for all dietary needs.

  • Laura Ewen 56 days ago

    The moniker of "Whole Paycheck" has a modicum of truth, here. I wouldn't say this place was affordable for the everyday shopper. The availability of specialty items is great for cook's and chef's. I particularly enjoy the hot bar and salad bar, even though it's really rather expensive. There are several items geared towards specific dietary needs, requirements or restrictions. An example being a Paleo Turkey Hash that I thought was kind of amazing. To look at it was sort of a mess, but the flavours were fantastic! There's a sushi bar, wood fired pizza oven, patisserie and huge salad bar. There's also a refrigerator with prepared foods and a vast assortment of beverages.

  • Brittany Smith 58 days ago

    The selection here is undeniably high quality, but the prices make it unrealistic to shop here on a regular basis. I come here for the hot bar or, in a pinch when I am short on time, the pre-made meals, always tasty and fresh. I cannot say much about the staff here since most tend not to interact with you unless you are checking out. The exception are the people working in the prepared food sections who have been helpful double-checking ingredients in their selections which I may have allergies to. The parking garage is convenient, yet almost always crowded. This location offers cooking classes upstairs, but they fill up fast! To date, I have never been able to get into a class I wanted to attend.

  • Alexis Wood 65 days ago

    Awesome selection and great foods, though the traffic can be horrible during Saturdays. The staff is helpful and there is a parking garage, though getting to it will be very slow in traffic. It is in an outdoor shopping mall, so there are crowds and because of this it is much smaller and less spread out than other Whole Foods I've been to. They still have a great selection though despite being more cramped than usual.

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