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Whole Foods Market - Glendale

Glendale, CA

(818) 548-369

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331 North Glendale Ave Glendale, CA, 91206
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  • John Morrison 4 days ago

    It's still expensive, but I love how they have EV charges at all of their stores. I use them every time I go there if they open. Sometimes I just go to Whole Foods to wander around and see what's new. They have a great salad bar there too that'll keep you healthy and looking fit.

  • Jennifer Nguyen 12 days ago

    What is wrong with Glendale? We have tons of great stores including Whole Foods, but this is the saddest Whole Foods location that I've ever been to in all of California. Despite a major remodel last year, things are consistently disorganized. The new layout and floor plan makes no improvement to the flow of the store, nor is checkout any easier. The food bar is disgusting. One of the worse I've ever seen from a Whole Foods. They serve the same things - wilted and overdressed salads, dry chicken parts, over cooked pastas, and - I don't think they use real eggs for their breakfast items. Juice bar workers are mean. The desserts are all very dry. The pizzas are overly greasy. Food in general are not prepared very well at this location. Seating is also horrendous. Flower lady is mean. Florals are never priced. They could have done so much more during the remodel to get things right...

  • Sarmen Sahakians 14 days ago

    Can't do business with greedy company like this one. Today was my first time that I went to whole foods in my life. I went to order a beef burrito at this location and asked the employee that I'd like to get an avocado in my sandwich and I'm fine with the addition charge for that. So according to their policy, a quarter of avocado cost $1.00 but the employee had to waste half of the quarter of avocado because it was black and kept the rest of it which was 1/8th of avocado. After that I also asked him to add a leaf of lettuce to my burrito as well. At the end I grabbed the food and went to pay and noticed that not only he charged for the avocado but also he charged for any items that was outside of the menu such lettuce, tomato, and onions as well for $1.00 for each items. I was so disappointed and went back to the food department explaining them that those items shouldn't be charged as an additional charge because there were not stated on the menu. The only additional charges can be applied are for avocado, extra cheese and extra meat. Not for lettuce or other veggies. Then the employee said that it is what it is and that he won't take the price off. So I had to report those employees to the management and all they did was to say sorry and that they would take care of it. So my first time experience at the whole foods turned out to leave the place with empty hand and feeling disappointed.

  • Valerie Dunn 30 days ago

    This is my favorite place to buy groceries in Glendale! I make a lot of crazy dishes that require specialty ingredients and this is the only place I ever have luck finding them! Not to mention, the staff is ridiculously knowledgeable of the products they carry! Everyone seems to be very passionate and helpful! I love it!

  • Harout Gagulyan 35 days ago

    Due to a stomach condition, I been eating more and more at wholefoods in Glendale and it's been helpful. I love ordering their custom sandwiches and Chinese food. Both very tasty

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