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2201 S College Ave Fort Collins, CO, 80525
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  • Luke Thayer 1 day ago

    They. Have. A. Tractor out front and that's pretty awesome!

  • airmikec1 18 days ago

    I am not the best reviewer for this chain. I don't buy into their premise, I don't believe in what they are selling, I think they are highly over priced, a gigantic fad, and I just don't like shopping here. However, I know people love items from here, so if I bring food to a party or something, I will typically buy it from here so that everyone else can feel better about the fad that they bought themselves into. I only come here about 1-2 times per year. People walk like idiots here, yes more so than other grocery stores. The kind people that typically come here, tend to be a bit more rude, so I also avoid this place for that reason. The food is way over priced for what you get, and finally, people believe this is a health food store, when in fact if you start looking at the calorie counts, and fat content of some of their food, it's no better than King Soopers. Eating healthy is done by smart people and becomes a life-style, it's not a fad chain store. As I said in the beginning I am not the best person to review Whole Foods. However, I am pleased to say they do pay their employees pretty well, and I am happy that they do that. Sorry if anyone disagrees with what I wrote above. That's the beauty of America, we all can have our own opinions.

  • Jim Bush 51 days ago

    Great selection of different products. A bit pricey on most items. Helpful staff.

  • Drew R 69 days ago

    Great for high end cheese and toxin-free fish, but they don't call it whole paycheck for nothing. The parking lot is ALWAYS crowded and the store is full of rich hippies who probably wish they could afford to live in the sanctuary city of Boulder. I have seen simple items here, like organic coconut oil that is TWICE the price of other stores.

  • Douglas Nelson 126 days ago

    I love this place! Especially the deli. We stop and shop\eat almost every time we go through F.C.

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