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300 Legacy Pl Dedham, MA, 02026
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  • oki kil 134 days ago

    The meal is not bad, also can phurchase some goods here

  • Roy W 153 days ago

    I think the store is over priced for what you get and alot it is non organic food for sale .They sell food with gmos,cane sugar ,bad oils ect.I thought this was a health food store.

  • Indrit Vasili Malita 166 days ago

    If you don't pay attention at the register and the prices, they will mark you the wrong price and sometimes even double the price. It has happened numerous times. I am sure other customers have been paying more, because 90% of the time no one pays attention at the register. It is not right. Keep your eyes open. This adds up daily. The employees at the register work carelessly, especially in the express lane. They worry more about double bagging than punching in the right price for the product. Seriously, stay alert and you will find out for yourself how many mistakes are made. They are notorious at making mistakes with products from the produce department. This needs to be fixed and emphasized on. Helpful staff on the floor, but always sleeping on the register. Careless!

  • Perrin Duke 216 days ago

    Read an article in the WSJ about possible food contamination issues here and at the nearby whole foods plant. Not great

  • Willie Good 237 days ago

    I had a very bad experience with the bread department; the light-skin (most likely of Puerto Rican heritage) adult age male was churlish to my person. When I asked to sample a bread, he shoved the bread in my hand. I been around the world and I treat all persons with respect, I was dumfounded.

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