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Whole Foods Market - Davie

Davie, FL

(954) 916-3000

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1903 S University Dr Davie, FL, 33324
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  • Melissa C. 20 days ago

    Whole Foods continues to be a great place to buy those harder to find items; however, there are more and more places popping up with better, healthier, and definitely cheaper options. I completely agree with the review by someone who mentioned that even though they advocate healthy eating, their prepared foods are lacking in truly healthy options. The store overall is clean but the one time I used their bathroom it was really dirty. It's a beautiful store as they all are but the parking is a nightmare to put it mildly. Not sure why it was moved. Miss the old location.

  • Jack Mc 31 days ago

    2/19/16 Bought dinner for my wife and I she had the orange chicken, veggies, with mac and cheese. She was fine.I had baked chicken, rice, veggies, and dale soge spinach stuff on top with some corn and brussels. We ate then went to bed, the next morning 12/20/16 my stomach was in alot of pain and I could not keep anything I ate down. This continued all day untill what ever was inside of me was vomited out. 12/21/16 I seemed better but must have lost 6 pounds due to the constant vomiting and not being able to eat all day. :( dont know if Ill ever eat there again.

  • Tronald Dump 33 days ago

    It's a huge Whole Foods. It's the Costco of Whole Foods. The parking lot is a mess to get out of though and often floods in heavy rains so wear boots and be careful while entering and exiting the parking lot. Great place for food and groceries and despite how pricey they are, you get what you pay for.

  • Von Rae 43 days ago

    This is a nice store, can get really busy at times. The parking lot is a nightmare to get out of.

  • Madge Opolis 204 days ago

    It can take up to 30 to 45 minutes to get out of their parking lot on a busy day. The store itself is very nice but I think the other location was much better. I'm now driving several miles out of my way to go to the Pembroke Pines store where it's far easier to get in and out and shop.

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