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Whole Foods Market - Davie

Davie, FL

(954) 916-3000

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1903 S University Dr Davie, FL, 33324
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  • KathyRose Lui 14 days ago

    I love this whole foods, you can easily go through the isles with your carts (BTW I really love that they have the regular as well as the mini carts). The layout and labeling of the islses are great. You can always find a staff to help you and they are proficient at their job. Parking can be a 🐻 during peak hours (usually Saturdays).

  • Stormy Geddon 19 days ago

    The hot bar is excellent, but the staff are hit or miss. I stood in front of the sushi bar for five minutes, waiting for the employees behind that counter to offer to help me, and they ignored me the entire time as if I were invisible. The place was empty so that was really unacceptable behavior considering the prices for things there. Publix down the street doesn't ignore me when I walk up to the counter. That is enough to make me not go to that counter again, but other than that the store is okay. Parking is absolutely MISERABLE in that shopping center with long lines to get in and out. It's a mess, absolutely terribly designed. Only one way in and out and it's not the only store there. If it was easier to get in and out I would go more often.

  • jeremy oberg 46 days ago

    Absolutely love whole foods and the whole healthy and more natural concept of everything!! Great customer service at the seafood section and at the bar where you can stop and get beer, wine, or food while you shop for groceries! I would rate 5+ stars if prices were a little lower, but hey, I guess that's the price of healthy living...

  • Kakashi M 64 days ago

    I'm not say whole foods is for everyone but if your trying to get your body right, (and this is only base on what I know) there is only a handful of places where you can get quality organic food and whole foods is one of them. Now there is a limited amount of items I buy there because you can easily after two trips spend your rent, car payment definitely without trying. The things I do by are fresh and satisfying like fresh ginger. two well known popular stores, I'm not going to mention, their ginger is always weak a little flat, on the other hand whole foods ginger strong and fresh, so yes go whole foods. 👊👏👍👍

  • Malene H Hellesøe 83 days ago

    I just love Whole foods Market, smells always good when you come in the door. The fruits and vegetables is so fresh! I just wanna buy and eat everything. So fun you can buy nuts, rice and pasta just the amount you need. The salad and warm food selection is good. I love the salad bar here. Everything seems fresh and delicious.

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