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Whole Foods Market, Bowery Culinary Center

New York, NY

(212) 420-1320

Open now
95 East Houston Street New York, NY, 10002
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  • Eunice Apia Today

    I love all the whole foods locations. Most of them except the one on 23rd street has seating. I've been known to hold meetings there. There's a great selection of brands and it's always great to discover and try a new product. Other than the long organized lines, I get excited every time I'm near a wholefoods. I love their 2 for $6 meals. I remember when they were $5. They must be pretty popular.

  • Andy White 21 days ago

    I kept seeing this place on our New York trip and thought it was a huge coffee shop. On our penultimate day I walked in and discovered it was an Aladin's cave of healthy foods. How I wish I had walked in earlier - amazing.

  • Amy Uong 22 days ago

    It's crowded and expensive, but I do love picking up veggies and cases of the harmless harvest coconut juice.

  • Laura M 93 days ago

    A friend and I asked Ryan where the pesto was - little did we know we would be taken on a pesto journey! 😂 We not only got a fresh recommendation of one of his favorites and a tour (he took us to exactly where each product was located) he also told us how to make it even better suggesting pine nuts or seasonal pumpkin seeds and cranberries...great experience! Thanks Ryan! 👍🏼

  • Marinell Williams 103 days ago

    Review of Phone Inquiry: Yesterday I was visiting from Boston with my daughter. I went into Whole Foods yesterday and spent $38.00. Today (a day later) I called about a debit on my credit card for a charge I did not understand. I am not complaining about the charge - as I now realize it was my error. I am complaining about the phone service. I spoke with one "customer service" person who was snappy and irritated - who transferred me to "upstairs" - where I was on hold until I figured out no one would ever come back to me. I called again, and this time a man transferred me to a woman who said she couldn't help me unless I had a receipt, a charge card number, amount, and time of day I came in. I told her I had the amount, the charge card number, and time of day. I was told (by the last person who put me on hold) that Whole Foods could trace the charge with this info. I was again put on hold, and she never came back. WHOLEFOODS - this is NOT Customer Service.

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