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Whole Foods Market - Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, LA

(225) 218-0452

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7529 Corporate Blvd Baton Rouge, LA, 70809
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  • Tammy Rankins Today

    I love the fruit, vegetable, and meat from this place! I also love their tuna! However, the prices area bit ridiculous, so you must be a strategic shopper. Stay off the center aisles and focus on fresh items.

  • Jes R 12 days ago

    While I appriciate WFM attempt to provide healthier and more humane options for products, they NEVER have enough in stock. Every time I come here they are either out or low on almost everything I want to buy. I have many times ended up in a situation where someone was taking the last bit of something I need or I'm grabbing the last one of something someone else wants. It's awkward and sad. Keep more of the pastured and humane CERTIFIED options in stock and more of the leaner meats. The shelves are overflowing with the lesser and fattier options, and we are "fighting" to get scraps of the healthier and more humane options!

  • Meagan Babb 31 days ago

    They have the best meat selection imo. They have lots of hot food options and everything is delicious. However, prepare to leave that place broke. Everything is crazy expensive. I'd recommend making it a specialty place.. Like only get meats or vegan options there. They definitely have the best vegan options I've been able to find but again, you're gonna pay for it. The staff is very helpful and friendly. You can make fresh coffee there, buy organic clothes, natural beauty products and cleaners. It's definitely a one stop shop place if you're looking to switch your home to chemical free.

  • Carléigh Helouin 44 days ago

    I love Whole Foods! Love the Seduction Bread, olive/ veggie bar, etc. The pickled mushrooms are my fav on that bar! Eat then soo much... Delicious food, great service, clean, good prices (some are a little high), love the taste testing stations. Various brands, all that I do love! In a good area (near me) I just wanna say, thank you for your hospitality Whole Foods!!! :)

  • Jamie Cutrer 113 days ago

    The store is nice and clean it is high but you can get very nice products here and the store always has free cheese samples. If you are looking for any hard to find items give this store a try. This store is fairly large with a good stock . The hot food side is great for a quick visit at lunch time for food. Also check out the drinks you can find hard to get drinks. The produce side always looks fresh . So give them a try

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