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465 S Arroyo Pkwy Pasadena, CA, 91105
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  • Neal Ch Today

    Good selection in general. Lots of good brand. Has a BBQ area but this is inconsistent.. sometimes the pulled pork is very good but often it is old and dry

  • Cyril Hicks 12 days ago

    Clean, good food and seating options. A little bit expensive but it's a whole foods, so you knew that.

  • David Norton 37 days ago

    Love the eating area on the second floor. So nice to have it be away from the checkouts. That said, I got here about 10:30am and the hot breakfast bar was looking pretty dismal. I think the food had been out under the heat lamps too long.

  • Remus Muresan 57 days ago

    Was told only had to warm up the food! Turkey was frozen and half cooked but good after. Stuffing was croutons with sauce. I had better matched potato and gravy from trader Joe's chicken marsala TV dinner Not cool Whole Foods!

  • Oliver Mueller 219 days ago

    A nice big 2 story store with ready to eat food upstairs and a decent wine selection, along with a good sized bar/restaurant. Most staff are a little spaced out it seems and the larger lady that makes hamburgers (that never wears a name tag) has some of the worst customer service skills I have seen. She must hate her job. On the other hand, people in the produce, meat, and fish areas are very nice and helpful.

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