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600 Congress Ave Austin, TX, 78701
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  • Chris Marquer 21 days ago

    Took a night crash course here for a few months. Very nice facility and staff. Highly recommend.

  • Dax Garner 24 days ago

    I cowork here everyday now and it is great. I have a dedicated desk and everyone around me is nice and fun to be around. It is never overtly loud, but I have noise canceling headphones to keep me in the zone when I want to be. It would be five stars of they didn't run out of beer and nitro coffee occasionally. Plus I only have Linux computers and I haven't been able to get their printing system to work yet.

  • Narges Shahidi 28 days ago

    Working from home is not easy for me so I decided to join wework and work from here. it's like a workplace, with very active environment. I got my own desk, so I could bring monitor and computers. It's not cheap but affordable.

  • Diane Bunn 49 days ago

    Pretty good sense of community. Always something interesting happenings and socials. I even hosted a happy there for my business. Bring a set of headphones or earbuds if you plan on working at the hot desk or common area as it can get pretty noisy. People don't make so much noise during regular work hours but I'd get annoyed when people would drag chairs instead of picking them up because it created the noisiest and biggest distractions. So the two months I spent there were intentional with the purpose of meeting more people and networking with tech savvy entrepreneurs and professionals. I had been working on my own and it was nice to be around people for a change. I was able to do that, get help setting up my website, and host a happy hour myself. I also took advantage of the start up happy hours and launch parties, business info sessions, free food and tea, phone booths for private calls, and office supplies which was nice.

  • Néstor Pina Fernández 94 days ago

    Awesome place to work. The common areas are great, and the offices are really big. It's expensive, but the location and the amenities are really great. They have lot's of events too. My only concern is with the A/C, you really don't have control on the temperature in your office and it's reaaaallly cold. You see people with heaters and blankets, that should give the management something to think about... That loses it one star.

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