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Wells Branch Community Library

Austin, TX

(512) 989-3188

Open now

(512) 989-3188

Open now
15001 Wells Port Dr Austin, TX, 78728
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  • mitchell hobbs 155 days ago

    I think the staff here is great. They have always been helpful above and more than that which was needed~

  • Phaedra Koonz 164 days ago

    The children's programming is great, the library has a nice layout, the staff are always helpful.

  • Kiara Cheree 170 days ago

    After years of coming to this Library. I am hurt by there lack of respect and compassion. I rented a movie and had to leave the state due to death in the family. A friend kindly paid for the movie and when I returned i still dropped off the movie. Spoke with 3 ppl Veronica, Donita, and Karen. The last 2 are a manager and office director. Not 1 had the slightest bit of compassion. Cut me off when speaking and had a your wasting my time attitude.Library kept the movie and $19 wasted paying for it. . . Tried to follow up (man said movie may have been thrown away!?) A company that does not do or care about the right way to handle conflict, is a waste of space.

  • Jaya Vas 179 days ago

    I'm rather amazed that this gets high marks from those with kids - it is because I have a child that I will be seeking out alternative options. We moved here from CT where the local public library was wonderful - it had castles and dress-up chests and mountains of stuffed animals that toddlers were actually allowed to play with as they wished. Here, they don't even let the kids touch a stuffed animal, and the one play area is actually out-of-bounds when an activity is not in session. The people who man the desk in the children's section could not be any less interested in children. I guess when you have never seen better, this is adequate, but I hope I can find a better, more child-friendly library. Update: I did!!! The Round Rock public library has a pretty nice, well-stacked play area where my daughter has been made to feel utterly welcome when she behaves like well, a toddler. Plus, the librarian manning that section actually KNOWS kid's books and is generally charmed by kids. Things like this DO matter!

  • Sumayah Luna 357 days ago

    Absolutely wonderful library! They have a very good selection of books for adults, as well as a HUGE kids area, complete with a variety of books & educational DVDs. They have awesome programs for kids (from my experience, they are always free), from reptile/dinosaur shows to summer reading programs that you can get points & prizes. They recently started their "little helpers" class where children are going to meet professionals from the community, like firefighters & dentists. They have story times, arts & crafts and many other great groups for children of various ages. They also have some cool things for adults- classes for computers,...they are actually doing a knitting/crocheting for a cause class over the summer. The staff are all friendly & kind. Our family is so blessed to have such an amazing library in our community. I am very happy that our children have a safe environment where they can go to learn and explore and are welcome to be their normal selves.

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