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Virtual Properties Realty

Duluth, GA

(770) 495-5050

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2750 Premiere Parkway Suite 200 Duluth, GA, 30097
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  • Victoria Gaddis 2 days ago

    I asked to see a home that was an hour away from other homes me and my realtor were looking at. I got a text from a Catherine Daniel asking how she could help. I immediately responded letting her know that I had a realtor but I just wanted to come see the home the next day. She never responded to my text. Then I see that she sends me an email... it was very rude and distasteful. She accused me of not being loyal to my agent and was very snobby. I cannot believe how rude agents can be. They only want to help if they get money out of it.

  • Suniti Dev 53 days ago

    Unprofessional,overconfident and careless attitude from one of the realtors of this company. We saw one house which we got the information from famous site Zillow and we were the first one who saw that house and we liked that house and that was in our budget too and my realtor liked that house for someone else too cause the moment she saw the house she asked if you don't like this house I've someone who put this house on rent after purchase ,she forced us to submit the quote $7000 less from original price( earlier she never asked us to do that, we got the doubt but we're emotional fool to blind trust on her) while communicating the seller's agent, she asked him in front of us that"can we put this house on rent" as she know we are buying the house first time and we are buying for us not for rent. We saw house at 8am and she submitted the quotation at 5:30 pm and that too my husband called her multiple times.She got the reply from seller's agent next day afternoon but she wait till evening to bind the contract so that will not have second chance to resubmit it , she knew that we liked the house and we were ready to pay whatever seller quoted the amount that's why she forced us to quote $7000 less so that our offer will not considered and she waited till evening so that will not get another chance to back up offer cause she was interested in that property.and till date she hasn't share with us that reply or communication between them (earlier for one house she shared with us but this time no) (official email) when we called her at evening time (She didn't call to inform us what was the status)she told us "seller picked another best offer" so my husband asked her to resubmit with increased the price, she replied" the house is already under contract" she is so unprofessional and careless that she even didn't care to inform us the communication between seller's agent and her, and after we called her she said, I'm at home through out the day. When we informed the whole incident to the manager, that manager didn't have courtesy to informed us either. Wow

  • Alisa Wansley 103 days ago

    Unfortunately I never got the opportunity to work with this company, found a place I was interested in on Zillow, called agent left messages and sent email requests with no response at all, now both properties I was interested in are gone, not very professional if you ask me 🤷🏾🤷🏾

  • Mike Lyles 140 days ago

    Best brokerage with well trained agents representing more buyers than any other Georgia broker. I work there. 😊

  • AKfusion 141 days ago

    It’s been my first year in real estate and I feel super blessed and lucky to start my career with Virtual Properties. Steve and the brokers have been excellent in training and guiding me along the path. The work culture and environment is laidback with hard working and innovative realtors who make achieving their goals a reality. The commission split is one of, if not, the best in metro Atlanta and there’s tremendous opportunity for growth. There’s the mentorship program for beginner realtors, ambassador program for residual income, and a multitude of classes, corporate meetings, and CE courses to keep you motivated and learning on a regular basis. I encourage a new realtor to learn from a top ten agent and keep talking to people no matter what! The Duluth main office is spacious and has many affordable office spaces available for agents and cubicles if need be. I’m happy to be at Virtual Properties Realty!

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