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Virginia Williams Family Resource Center

Washington, DC

(202) 526-0017

Closed now
920-a Rhode Island Ave NE Washington, DC, 20018
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  • Johnesha Tyler 9 days ago

    Love ms kim. Her service and kindness was so appreciated. Need more people like her.

  • channel stewart 46 days ago

    The staff is great and they are helpful but i rate 4 🌟 because the wait is ridiculous you better go on a day when you don't have anything to do and its best to be at the door when they are about to open but even then your going to wait a long time

  • najee byrd 196 days ago

    These types of resources centrers are ment to keep black people homeless so the so called helpers to keep there selves a job the reason WHY people they tellung us,they cant help YOU place you,we cant do this or your not eligible for that is in order to keep them a job duh if evey body wasent homeless they wont have a job get it. Its fake ass help and fake service they are not going to help u thats is there main secret priority to keep eveybody homeless so they can remain and have a job.

  • Jessica Pendergast 200 days ago

    They have no empathy. They rude. An basically they tellin you its on to be homeless as long as it's not cold. I want my kids to have somewhere to stay rain sleet or snow. Rude staff, an it's a African lady there who has no respect. They are the worst. I rather stay homeless than to ask them for some fake ass help they call they self giving

  • Momodu Sesay 294 days ago

    I definitely understand one's frustration when dealing with social services especially when one may be in a tight position in life and things may not be going well. But one thing everyone must understand with an organization similar to Virgina Williams Family Resource Center it all comes down to an issue with the funding. However you choose to view the situation it's always a numbers type of thing, and we must keep in mind with all the families that come through organizations like Virgina Williams and actually receive some type of resource whether it be a food card of some type of placement and they actually don't need it, the act takes away from the families who actually need the services and get turned away. If you really want to see a change in the way things are people need to gather and let congress know that more funding is needed for social services. Everyone who plans to get some type of assistant through organizations like Virginia Williams, understand that services are only temporary, you must have a plan for tomorrow. I have spent some time evaluating Virgina Williams, and I can assure you that each employee in this organization does a excellent job with the given resources to assist families who indeed need help. Signed* A walking Sociologist. * if you need people to help you, it goes a long way if you approach the situation with respect.

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